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Why It's Okay to 'Hate-Watch' the Golden Globes for #WhyWeWearBlack

Let’s get straight to the point. Tonight a bunch of Hollywood actors, actresses, directors, and activists got together and wore black to the Golden Globes. Since America is a free country, you are welcome to shit on them for this choice in what you may sarcastically call “radical liberal blah, blah, blah” or (insert whatever hateful, potentially racists, misogynistic, narrow-minded, short-sighted, bullshit argument). Here’s the great thing about Hollywood and the Golden Globes- you don’t have to fucking watch. But you will and that’s the point.

You can criticize them for having “all the money in the world” and no “real world problems” but the fact remains that they are attempting to use their power and posturing to elicit real change. Even“hate-watching” them and stalking their social media is exposing you to not only them, but their message and the hope is that with enough exposure maybe, just maybe, you’ll start to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture is that your mother has probably been cat-called, manhandled, groped, or degraded in one way or another and more times that she will ever admit to you because “it was just how it was back then.”

Yes, YOUR MOTHER (or GRANDMOTHER) likely got her ass or god-knows-what-else groped against her will by some asshole who WAS NOT YOUR FATHER and she felt helpless to stop it.. Or she got followed home by some creepy guy from a bar. Or she’s been raped and silenced. That sense of outrage you feel, the feeling of denial that it probably didn’t happen it and I’m full of shit that creeping up on you right now. That’s fear. That’s what some women and men have felt not only in America but around the world for years. That’s what this movement is about. Giving that sense of helplessness a voice and a visual with borrowed power.

Terry Crews came forward about being sexually assaulted. Gabrielle Union was raped 25 years ago.Kesha is just now learning to find peace after her shit-storm with Dr.Luke. These are “real world problems” and they can happen to anyone and they do happen to anyone. If anything, these stories tell us that these things are too common and drive a much-needed change in the perspective of rape culture and society, consent and being informed.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a “rape culture soapbox speech,” it should be, but I’ll refrain, for now. This is simply to say that the way we look at one another has got to change. The valuation we place on personal space and consent has got to change and if you don’t believe me, go ask your mom or your grandmother. Ask your spouse, your sister, or hell, maybe all you need to do is go look in a mirror.

Society and the media have shat all over several men in Hollywood for prior bad acts when they attempted to join the #TimesUp movement and advocate for the victims of sexual assault. Now, does their current advocacy excuse whatever it is they may have done, absolutely not, but there are levels to everything. Some things are done out of ignorance more than malice and that should be accounted for, but moreover, they should be given a chance to admit to and atone for their misdeeds to a degree. I’m not saying give Woody Allen or Roman Polanski a confessional and call it even, fuck no, but the men that may have less severe non-malicious/perverse offenses should be given a chance to work towards doing some good.

No movement got anywhere having perfect allies. If you keep waiting for perfect allies, your cause may never get off the ground. So, to shit on Hollywood as a whole (not just the men) for trying to do some good seem like spinning your wheels in quicksand to me. Even if you don’t believe their intent is altruistic, even if their donations are a tax write-off, so what? Let them shine the light, write the first checks, and then if , or when, they falter on delivery and execution, let another take up the torch.

Martin Luther King was just a man of God until he had a dream. Rosa Parks was just a tired, hard-working woman who was extra tired of being treated like a second-hand citizen in her own country and decided to stay seated one day. Although not American, Che Guevara was a guy with “radical” idea who wanted a better life for his people. They were all just people going about their lives who saw sadness, injustice, and an imbalance of power and decided to try something different. People hated them, they feared them, they didn’t understand, but in the end they each caused ripples that turned into waves of change in history. So, sure, they may be “just actors” they may have different political views from you, you can hate their movies or shows, you can resent their big paychecks, but pick up on this ripple and just watch where it goes. If it fails, it didn’t cost you a thing, but if it succeeds….



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Patricia Jones

Patricia Jones

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