Why did the New York Yankees not get Neil Walker 2017?

The New York Yankees were apparently close to obtaining the services of cross town rival, Neil Walker. However, according to the New York Post, Walker failed to clear medicals. The NY Post claims the Mets claim the Yankees got rid of the deal because the Yankees obtained Sonny Gray. Even though Sonny Gray is a starting pitcher... Walker was given a lot of money from the Mets for his Qualifying Offer. There was also talk from NY Radio outlets of the Yankees probably wanting to obtain Mets outfielder Jay Bruce. The New York Met outfielder put the Yankees on a list of his undesired destinations in his no-trade clause. He was traded for right handed relief pitcher not in the Cleveland Indians top 30 prospects. The Yankees needed a first baseman, Bruce's temporary position in the Mets after the Mets clogged the amount of outfielders they had. This was prior to the Yankees obtaining the services of Clint Frazier among other players. The Yankees also needed help hitting in general. Jay Bruce is a great home run hitter in addition to having a really good RISP. The Mets could've obtained two prospects from the Yankees for Bruce. The Yankees also...

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