We Are All Woke, And It's Delightful!

The day has finally dawned. The moment WWE fans have been waiting for since April is finally upon us. Matt Hardy is officially broken! Well, not technically you could say. He’s labeled as “Woken” Matt Hardy but it’s ultimately the same concept. Last night on Raw we saw a creative promo battle between Bray Wyatt and Hardy featuring unique camera cuts back and forth between the two. The hair, the velvet coat, and the facial expressions are exactly mirroring the gimmick that put Matt Hardy and TNA over in 2016. Many fans did not see this gimmick being used in the company due to continuous legal battles between Hardy and Anthem. It seems like those battles are behind us, but a great war is on the horizon.

A great war that will have us on the edge of our seats.

Matt is forty-three years old, an age that the common fan would say is too old to be in the wrestling business. Not only is Matt hanging around, he is also evolving. His character change gave TNA solid ratings, especially when The Final Deletion aired. It was the most talked about wrestling segment of the entire year. We now get to see how it transpires on the biggest stage in wrestling. If the reaction last night was any indication of what’s to come, Matt Hardy is poised to have a big 2018.

The Los Angeles crowd ate up the gimmick last night. Even though it was a three minute bit, it drew the biggest crowd reaction of the night. I can honestly say it made Raw watchable last night, considering how the first hour dealt with three people in total. It has also made me excited for upcoming episodes of Raw. In fact, it has me more excited for Raw than I’ve been all year. If that doesn’t tell you how big this “Woken” gimmick is, nothing will.

With Jeff being sidelined for the next couple of months, now is the best time to wake Matt Hardy and give the audience what they’ve been wanting for quite some time. It’ll be interesting to see just how long the gimmick will last. Jeff is due back sometime in April, and he could return as Brother Nero and join forces with his brother in the great war. Personally I would have Jeff return on Smackdown and start his final single run in the company. Leave Matt on Raw and let him get the big push he deserves before he hangs up the boots. I’m not saying Matt will be Universal Champion, but I do sense some main event matches in his future if this thing skyrockets.

We are in for exciting segments, engulfing promos, and exquisite matches with this celestial spirit. By inheriting the vessel of Matthew Hardy, this spirit is set to thrive and conquer all those who stand in his way. A great war is approaching and we will witness a great DELETION!!

Man it’s a great time to be a wrestling fan.


Logan Howell

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