How to Use Google Trends for Content Ideas

It can be hard to think of the next topic to write about even if you already have a blog with a clearly defined niche. This is where Google Trends can come in handy. But if you’ve never used an SEO tool like this before, it can be confusing trying to figure out where to start.

First, what exactly is Google Trends?

It’s basically what its name implies. It’s a tool to help you find out what the world is searching for; what’s trending on Google search. It reveals the level of interest on any given topic or search term and shows you how that interest has changed over time.

Comparing long-term search trends

Google Trends is very useful for comparing long-term interest in a set of topics. In this example, you can see the change in interest for Twitter vs. Instagram, and you can pinpoint the point in time when interest in Instagram surpassed Twitter.

Identifying short-term search trends

If you’re looking for topics most likely to go viral, you can also use Google Trends to identify topics that have become popular within the last 24 hours.

Finding a specific topic of conversation to write about

When you’ve decided on a general topic to write about, you can even find out what people are saying and the questions they’re asking about that topic. For example, since it’s almost Halloween, you can see interest in Halloween-related topics rising and also what people are searching for about Halloween.

Keep your content up-to-date

By typing in terms related to your blog niche or business and looking for spikes in search patterns and comparing interest levels, you’ll be able to tell which topics are more popular. Google Trends can take some of the guesswork out of deciding what to write about next to attract a wider audience.

Kaitlyn L.

Kaitlyn L.

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    We’ve found a lot of success when we can authentically combine current trends with product/event promotion. Thanks for the write up!

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  • Google has so many resources that it’s definitely my number one pick for help with blogging. Great article!