Two Wrongs Will Never Make A Right

You know, I figured by the time you were 16 or older that one of the most basic lessons growing up had been burned into your memories. One repeating phrase growing up just keeps coming to mind on a nearly daily basis now, and it seems that a large portion of my fellow Americans have forgotten this simple mantra. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter how you frame it, there is absolutely no way in which you can make a right out of two wrongs. I can’t imagine why this is so hard to understand anymore, but it just seems that either people don’t care or they refuse to accept what their parents taught them growing up, or even worse they could finally be showing off what they really were taught by their parents. Tensions are at an insane high of late, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going down anytime soon. Political moves have seemingly emboldened the most hate filled people in our country, and we’re witnessing terrible acts being carried out based on said hate.

I find it sad that we’re here in 2017 and still facing this type of idiocy. You have every right to be a racist ass, but at the same time, what exactly does it accomplish? Where is the good that comes from letting hatred fill your heart for any reason, let alone based on the color of a persons skin or their chosen political party or religion? Sure, I’m agnostic if I were forced to put a title on it, but at the end of the day if someone wants to praise Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or any other deity outside of L. Rob Hubbard, that’s cool, it’s just not my cup of tea. I lean to the left politically, but tend to stay pretty central, does that mean I have to absolutely hate anyone who hails from the right wing? Fuck no, we don’t all have to agree on everything, but we really should be able to accept each other and our differences by now. I’m a hetero white male, so does that mean I need to have hate for gay people and anyone who isn’t fully white because they’re trying to replace me somehow? Absolutely not, we’re all humans, isn’t there enough room here for all of us to peacefully co-exist?

What’s happening in Charlottesville today is just another example of what needs to be done with already. Seriously, having a rally because you’re white and planning to “take back what’s ours” is just stupid. Nobody has stolen this country from white males, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but they still seem to wield just about all the power in the United States, so what exactly are you “taking back?” I can’t fully say Trump is to blame for this happening, but his election has somehow made these people come out of the woodwork, and unfortunately his refusal to condemn the hate filled horde has only fueled their fire even more. He’s quick to call out anyone who protests opposite his views as a “thug” or a “criminal” yet he hasn’t used even the slightest of “strong language” for the rallies being held by the white nationalists today, even as they turn violent when clashing with counter protesters. At the very least, call these hate mongers what they are, American Terrorists.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I support the riots we’ve seen from the opposite side either, they’re at least as wrong as the white nationalists for the violence and destruction they caused with their marches. That takes me all the way back to my first point, two wrongs will NEVER make a right. All I’ve read on Facebook posts by news stations about this garbage today is how “oh, it’s all fine when the blm people are burning down a city, but it’s suddenly a bad thing when white people decide to protest,” or even more to the point “it’s about time, they had their turn, now we get to have ours.” Sadly, this is from grown ass adults, people who should have learned this lesson not years or decades ago, but GENERATIONS ago, and they’re running the “well they did it first” card like that excuses their bullshit. It’s time we all grow up, we all take responsibility for our actions, and we all grow together as people. Hate has no place is 2017, it’s a thing of the past and should be treated as such, period.

We’ve got our eyes slightly on North Korea, meanwhile we’ve got home grown hate marching in Virginia to worry about today. I remember a wise old man named Ross Perot touting back in the day the phrase “united we stand, divided we fall,” and it seems the longer we go the more divide we’re becoming. I wouldn’t worry as much about North Korea right now, there’s another country that could be playing us right into their hands, and we’re all too happy to go along with their games. Russia had some influence on our election, at this point it’s becoming damn near crystal clear, they seemingly helped get Trump into position, it doesn’t take a foil hat to think that the evil mastermind that is Vladimir Putin could be pushing the buttons to tear us apart so that either we could be overtaken as a nation, or at least pushed out of the “super power” status we have held for so long. Seriously people, get over the hate, get over the bullshit, and come together already. We should be well beyond this by now.

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Chris Surrency

Chris Surrency is an aspiring author and article writer with opinions on many different topics. He fell in love with writing as a child in elementary school and has taken any occasion possible to let the words that roll around in his head come out whether it be in a notebook or on a computer. Chris got his first opportunity to write online at, a subsidiary site for Wrestling News World, posting opinion pieces. He later joined the Yahoo Contributor's Network, covering many topics from science to video games and back to sports, and almost all points in between, he posted well over one hundred articles up until the moment Yahoo dismantled the network. Since that time he's provided content to different sites online, written his first novel, and eventually made his way to MCXV where he's finally capturing the enjoyment he once found while writing at Yahoo once again.
  • Donna Modin

    You, Sir, have hit the nail on the head!!!! Thank you for CLEARING UP what others couldn’t articulate!!