Travel Hacking in Nepal- How To Live Under 10$ Per Day?

So, you have decided to travel and want to find the cheapest way possible?

Nepal is a third world country located in Asia. The country is known for the highest mountain in the world “Mount Everest”, birthplace of lord “Buddha”, Nepalese people´s hospitality and more. What if traveling to this amazing country can be an adventurous way of saving money during your holidays or a gap year?

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Today, as you drink your first hot, steamy cup of cappuccino at Starbucks ($3 USD), with the same amount of money, some traveler in Nepal is buying 1 litre of mineral water ($0.20 USD), 2  meals ($2 USD) and enjoying a very delicious Nepali lunch “Mo:Mo ($0.60 USD)”. Sounds like a good bargain? Keep reading.


Numerous travelers are also doing couch surfing in Nepal. They choose Couchsurfing not because they don’t have money to pay for hotels, but to experience living with locals, learning their culture and way of living. A budget traveler can live in Nepal for under $10 per day.  


Considering the fact that Nepal is the birthplace of lord Buddha, traveling to find yourself or a spiritual connection, is only one of many reasons attracting many people to visit. Various Buddhist monasteries provide volunteering opportunities with the option of food and accommodation. Volunteers usually teach English to monks and nuns. You will be provided a shared room and 2 delicious meals per day. You may also be able to find other programs, weeks or months long, where you will be delivered daily spiritual teaching.


The possibility of living in Nepal for under $10 can be a very valuable information for long term travelers. But if you want to experience the country as a tourist, exploring the colors, culture, local food, markets and temples, then your daily budget would be approximately $10 – $20 per day. Nepal is also a popular destination for trekking. Many people perceive trekking in Mount Everest Base Camp as a way of challenging themselves and testing their mental and physical borders. If you are into treks, your expenditure can be around $1500 for 15 to 20 days.


This is how tourists spend their days traveling around Nepal for a couple of weeks :


Book a room in Thamel ( Main tourist area in capital city Kathmandu) with a wide range of prices from (Hostel) $3 – $5 or (Hotels) $5 – $150. Breakfast ( $1- $2 USD ), sightseeing around Kathmandu ($5- $10), Lunch and Dinner ($3- $5 )


Imagine your day meeting new people from all over the world who speak different languages and you try to memorize hard to say ‘Hello and Thank you” in their local language , experiencing different cultural dresses which you might also wish to try on once, contributing to economy of country by buying local stuffs which will totally make you feel “Oh, wow that was a bargain. I would pay way more in my country”. Imagine your day in the street where you will see cows walking or sleeping in the middle of road, local people with red marks on their forehead which symbolize blessing and straight men casually holding hands or sitting on one another lap in the bus due to the lack of available seats which simply symbolizes brotherhood and not being homosexual. What if you can experience a different culture, tradition and a way of living in a beautiful part of the world for only $3 per day. Sounds good? You can find all of it here, in the country of Nepal.  Give it a try and have one of the most remarkable experiences in your life!

Sujan Pariyar

Sujan Pariyar is Founder of Inxchan | Author | SEO expert | Social entrepreneur. He writes about Entrepreneurship, humanitarian work, and travel. He is also regular contributor at Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Yourstory, Buzzfeed and more. His foundation Inxchan provides a unique volunteering and traveling opportunities in Nepal. Inxchan is one of the active organization working for benefiting children, women, and community of Nepal.
  • Angie Ong Yeah Chee

    not possible.. Nepal is too expensive now… USD 3 not even enough for a proper meal in local restaurant.

  • Jackie Taylor

    So not true any more. Its much more expensive than it used to be. And why are you saying you work to the benefit of Nepal and encouraging people to spend only Rs300 a day? (bearing in mind the exchange rate is now around Rs100 to a dollar) People, you can visit cheaply but expect to pay around $8 to10 a day for 3 meals a day. No travel, no accommodation, no entries fees. Just eating inexpensively. Oh yes, no coffee in that $10!