Tips from Brooke Schultz to double your happiness and success this 2018.

Brooke Schultz: lifestyle and Happiness coach

Brooke Schultz is very active lifestyle and Happiness coach. I was following her inspiring work and I also applied some of her technique to better myself and my relationships. I wanted to share her story and ideas to benefit many other people. Here’s my interview with Brooke, hope this will help you too.

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Hi Brooke! Please share your journey how you ended up as a lifestyle and happiness coach today?

It’s funny how life knows your path before you even begin on it, right? I don’t know if coaching chose me, or if I chose coaching. When I was little, my parents would get in “pretend fights” and would call me into the room to help solve the situation with them. It was funny for them at the time, but it truly fostered my passion for the field that I ultimately chose.

College can be a funny time for some people –  some know exactly what they want to do and some don’t have the slightest idea. When I embarked on the college journey, I found myself right in the thick of what I loved to do – help people figure out their problems, scary situations, and everything in between. Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to know (maybe subconsciously) where I wanted to go when I actually got to college, which made picking a major that much easier.

Of course I found myself as the “go-to” for everyone’s major life decisions, secrets that no one else could know, and questions about what do in their relationships. I loved it – the process of helping them discover the answer, finding what the root of the problem actually was, or just being that listening ear that no one else could be for them! It was my happy place, and I was thankful that others saw that in me, too.

Honestly, the online world and coaching were foreign to me as a college grad. You don’t hear too much about the online space when you’re pursuing a degree at a brick and mortar college campus – those aren’t “real jobs” or “sustainable” incomes, so I think they get pushed under the rug far too often!

But thankfully, through much encouragement from some friends who took the leap into the online entrepreneurial space, I was introduced to coaching and absolutely fell in love. When I learned what coaching was and how I could use my skills, degrees, and passion to help others on a deeper and more impactful level, I was IN! There was no turning back once I realized the true magnitude my coaching could have in the lives of others when I could devote more time and more energy to my clients, as well as foster more authentic connections with my clients!

It’s funny how “pretend fighting” therapy led me to the place I am today – the universe knew exactly what it was doing, even when I was 5 years old!

What advice would you give to people who are feeling down and discouraged in their life?

You cannot beat yourself up for being in a dark place emotionally. Often times, we get frustrated with ourselves for being down and discouraged as if we aren’t allowed to feel those feelings. We expect ourselves to be happy, successful, and motivated at all times. Unfortunately, this is not a realistic expectation to uphold for ourselves, and we surely wouldn’t hold someone else to that standard of emotional stability, would we? So why do we do it to ourselves?

When we beat ourselves up for feeling down, it actually disempowers us. All of our emotions deserve to be honored. They each come up for a reason and serve a purpose in our lives, so we must be sure to honor that purpose each and every time.

If you are sad, it is OKAY to cry. If you are excited, it’s OKAY to jump up and down. If you are angry, it is OKAY to yell. When we hold onto our emotions and don’t allow ourselves to feel them, they don’t go away (no matter how badly we want them to). When we allow these emotions to have space in our lives, it makes it so much easier to move through them in a healthy manner so that we can get to a place of serenity and happiness.

I would also encourage you to develop your own personal mindset practice. If you have never done mindset work, my recommendation would be to start by jotting down 3 things you are grateful for each morning. This practice can always be changed or expanded on in the future but start with it and see how it affects how you feel each day.

By allowing our authentic emotions, to have space in our lives, whether they are happy or sad, as well as developing a personal mindset practice, you will begin to create a life that is rich, valuable, and overall good.


Any last thoughts you want to share with our readers ?

Often times we think we know what the recipe is for happiness. We fall into the trap of creating “if then statements”…

If only I could get that promotion, I’d be happy. If only my kids or partner would be kinder, I would be happy. If only I could buy that handbag, I’d be happy.  

Then, when we get those things and are not happy, we feel discouraged and deflated. The cycle continues as we search for more and more that will finally give us that happiness we are longing for and searching for in material/tangible things.

But, our happiness is directly related to our life’s purpose. If something is not related to our life’s purpose (like buying a new handbag), it will not give us good, lasting happiness. We might feel happy in the moment, but overall, it will not affect our well-being and life-satisfaction. It is reasons like these that we NEED to work on identifying and living a meaningful life that truly lives out our life’s purpose so that we can have the most authentic, fulfilled, and happy lives possible!

How can people contact you?

You can easily reach me via email at You can also connect with me on Facebook through my business page, Brooke Schultz, or my free Facebook group, The Happiness Entrepreneur.