The Benefits of Having Sarcastic Friends

We all have that one / two sarcastic friend(s) with the funniest sense of humour. Their remarks and responses make a conversation 100% more enjoyable and the friendship effectively blossoms in insults and genuine banter. Having friends who engage in playful sarcasm can be extremely beneficial and they can have a highly positive influence to your life.

Definitions for Sarcasm and Dry Humour:

Sarcasm – This is the ironic or satirical remark that seems to be praising someone but is really taunting or cutting them. Sarcasm is very often used for comic effect but can be used in a spiteful way. Sarcasm also depends on the tone of voice. Example – “I literally work 40 hours a week to be poor.” You could imagine the tone too.

Dry Humour – This is the deliberate display of witty and comedic delivery to contrast the ridiculousness of a matter. The delivery is usually quite blunt, ironic and sometimes unintentional.

My Experience:

Now, I have a very small circle of friends, but two of those within that circle are my best friends and let me tell you, they are so sarcastic and use dry-humour on such a regular basis that it is unreal. I met these two individuals through university and we just clicked. However, in using this humour, we grow closer as friends everyday and hold genuinely banterous conversations. There are so many examples I could give you… but here is a mini-conversation we had recently:

Scenario – Friend 1 had just gotten home from a long shift at work and was explaining to us how she was comically dying. She was super tired and made no sense by the way.

Friend 1 –“I am literally never at work.”

Me – “Wait, what?”

Friend 2 – “Never or always?”

Me – “You are always working, but never at work? How does that work?”

Friend 2 – “PMSL.”

Friend 1 – “Leave me alone, ha-ha. I am tired, okay!?”

Me – “Excuses excuses.”

Friend 1 – “You have to be nice to me.”

Me “HAHAHAHAHA. No. I would not even be nice to you in the apocalypse. I would trade you in for a packet of crisps.”

Friend 1 – “Wooooooooooow.”

At the end of it, I ended up looking a bit like the below picture. Actually, I always end up looking like it.

 Picture by: Meme Generator (2017), Imgflip.

Another example – Since the first year of university, we have been debating on who is more awesome, and funnily enough, the conversation is still ongoing and a debatable topic (it is obviously me).

Reasons everyone needs sarcastic friends:

Here are a few benefits to having sarcastic friends. Not too many, but still enough to get the point across:

Endearing name giving – They would often say “I hate you,” or “leave me alone,” but you know every time they say it, it is comical. This could also be seen as a code-word for – “you are very important to me and I am so pleased to have you in my life.” Honestly, the names I call my friends, range widely, but we all do it out of banter. Example – “You are a massive door knob.

Provide Perspective – Having sarcastic friends really puts things into perspective. If you have a problem, your friend will say something borderline mean but hysterically honest and the original problem will not seem to be much of a hassle anymore. Example – “Ergh, why can we never find a decent partner? We should just remain single forever and surround ourselves with thousands of dogs.”

Very Honest and Blunt – These friends will not let you get away with things. They are the best people to keep us accountable over our actions and encourage us to do better. Example – “Please do not get that. It looks awful on you. It is like a giant signal. If people ever got lost, you would be the signal they need to be found.”

Rarely any conflict – Because you are already so mean to each other with the regular insults and banter…in the most loving way possible, it actually takes a lot to offend one another. Therefore, conflict is very rare. 

Insults from other people do not phase you – Due to receiving insults from your best friends everyday, you have been prepped for this. Example – “Oh, you think I am annoying? That is okay. My best friend just told me to jump in a hole, so you continue to think that.”

Very loyal – They have chosen you as a friend so do not take that lightly. If someone makes you doubt yourself, I can guarantee your sarcastic friend will unleash hell on that person. They are there when you need them and they will make you laugh throughout your hard times.

They were just a few reasons as to why having sarcastic friends is so beneficial. However, there are more serious ones and I have listed them below:

Improved Creativity:

There is scientific evidence, which suggests that associating with sarcastic individuals can actually make you more creative. More specifically, laboratory studies have proven that sarcasm triggers direct interaction with others while stimulating the creative segment of the brain, which in turn helps both parties deliver increasingly inventive and cutting responses. So, although it is often described as the lowest form of wit, sarcasm may actually be able to indicate the type of exalted creative intelligence that can be used to stimulate others. I therefore try to embrace these exchanges with my friends and appreciate the fact that they help to maintain my mental sharpness.

Open-minded encouragement:

There have been many scientific studies on the impact of sarcasm too, including initial investigations, which deems that sarcasm tends to make even neutral and generic statements sound critical. Given this and the fact that we are more likely to engage with those who share a particular viewpoint or respond optimistically to us, it is easy to see how we can easily distance ourselves from even the closest of friends who enjoy nothing more than the occasional sarcastic exchange. Interestingly, studies actually suggest that we are more inclined to find sarcasm more damning than literal statements. This could be viewed as counter-productive to the extreme, so instead we should consider how easy it is to misinterpret sarcastic statements that may actually have merit or be intended as a positive. In this respect, interacting with your sarcastic friends can encourage you to become more open-minded and responsive to those around you, whether they are friends or strangers.

The Ambition Soars:

Did you know that Pablo Picasso was only able to create his masterpiece ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,’ due to an ongoing rivalry with French revolutionary, Henri Matisse? Picasso was driven to greater heights of attainment purely by annoyance and a desire to best his rival. The two often clashed and used each other to further their careers, however, there was a mutual respect between the two. This simply underlines how successful peers and friends who are adroit at delivering sarcastic put-downs can serve as an inspiration in life, as we achieve more and create preparation for spontaneous, cutting exchanges in the future.

Better Communicators:

Being a good communicator is a crucial life-skill to possess, but this is something you must be willing to apply consistently across all walks of life and individual platforms. Even though it may be easier to communicate with those who deliver their ideas in a similar manner to us, the true art of interaction lies in learning to process viewpoints regardless of how they are presented or communicated by others. This shows that an appreciation for sarcasm and our mischievous friends makes us far better communicators in modern-day society.

They know when to draw the line:

There is no doubt that our sarcastic friends can be considered fun, thanks to their spontaneous and willingness to irk others in the pursuit of comedy. I have laughed so hard in many instances with my best friends, even when the boundaries were pushed too far. Those who are not close friends can cause a furious back-pedal and will apologise with increased desperation. This underlines just how negatively sarcasm can be taken out of context, as fun and light-hearted comments are presumed to be degrading insults. It does have the added benefit of helping us to learn from the mistakes of others though, especially in terms of knowing when to draw the line with good-natured, sarcastic conversations.

It is very important to restrict sarcastic comments to those who understand and know you well, whilst also treading carefully when respecting the boundaries of new friends and colleagues. Research confirms that sarcastic statements are interpreted differently depending on the level of trust that exists within a friendship or relationship, and this is a key point to remember when introducing yourself to new people.

You are best friends for a reason and it is more than just laughter. Sometimes, it is the real, raw stuff, and even though sarcasm is the easy way out, your friends know when to get sentimental. It might be rare, but that makes the moment even more special and meaningful. Example – “Even though you feel down, you need to experience the rough patch before you get to the improved patch. I will be back soon, so will be able to offer you better support.”

End Note:

Having sarcastic friends is amazing and it really improves your mental capabilities and sharpens conversations. If you have sarcastic friends, then I recommend you hold onto them for as long as you can, because they really put the enjoyment into life.

I have so many conversations with my best friends that include dry humour and genuine sarcasm, and in honesty, I love it. It is what makes our friendship so strong. We can be to the point without fussing over what to say. We are so confident with our friendship, that our sarcastic insults are not only said over social media but also in public. Honestly, the amount of times we call each other names in public is unreal.

Even though they are both ridiculously sarcastic, they have been there to pick me up when I was at my lowest point and still are, which I thoroughly appreciate. I do my best to offer them the same advice and care. They are my best friends and I know nothing can get in the way of our friendship. Not even a cheeky Chinese takeaway 😉

To my two best friends – I am still more awesome and you two are still gardening hoes 😉

Thank you for reading.

Chelsea RE

I am a graduate of university, with a degree in Applied Animal Studies. Higher education gave me the chance to get actively involved in political and educational issues that had a national effect on students. Therefore, I mostly specialise in Education and Politics within the UK, however, I try to keep an open mind when writing articles. Whilst animals have nothing to do with writing, I soon became very passionate about important issues that people seem to turn a blind eye to, so decided to start writing. As a result, this has intrigued me into wanting to write professionally.