Taiwanese billionaire interested in purchasing Brooklyn Nets

So, Joseph Tsai, Vice President of Alibaba is interested in purchasing the Brooklyn Nets. According to the New York Post, Allen & Co stated there were many interested. I find that very interesting. I wonder if the Nets will have to sign Jeremy Lin to an extension because of the Asian, not to mention Taiwanese connection he has. Jeremy Lin drew a lot from the Asian American community of the New York City melting pot. He made a lot of rounds and press in Taiwan going there. I don't know much about Tsai but I know about Taiwanese Billionaires. They are intelligent, pretty aggressive at financial strategies to say the very least. Foxconn is a primary example with how many problems that company had. The nice ones probably don't get as much buzz. I like Alibaba though. It did provide a lot of jobs in Asia and alternative products in the US. A head of Alibaba spoke out against Trump. Prokhorov is seeking at least $2 billion after the large Steve Ballmer purchase. The former Silicon Valley head paid a lot for the LA Clippers.

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