7 Signs You’ve Found Your Future Husband

1. Your happiness is his happiness

You know he’s the one when he wants the best for you even if it comes at a cost to him sometimes (and vice versa). That way, you’ll be comforted to know that your interests are also his interests which will make it easier for the relationship to weather through even the toughest of times.

2. After the worst day ever, all you want is a cuddle from him

No matter what kind of mood you’re in, you’d still rather be with him than be alone because just his presence will make you feel better. He is a positive influence on you and will listen if you need to speak your mind.

3. You want to share every experience with him – no matter how mundane

When the idea of spending the rest of your life with him doesn’t make you break out in a cold sweat, that’s a good sign. He makes you feel comfortable, and when something funny or good happens, the first person you want to tell is him.

4. You communicate, not fight

Everyone has their disagreements, but the way you handle those disagreements will make or break a relationship. You feel you can talk about anything with him and are assured that he won’t react negatively. You can talk through disagreements in a mature, drama-free way and you can always come to some resolution without lasting grudges – that is the hallmark of a keeper.

5. He accepts you just as you are

He brags about you to his friends and his family because he’s so proud of you even though you feel like you’re never good enough. He loves you more than you love yourself, sometimes despite everything he knows about you. He appreciates every part of you because he knows they make you who you are.

6. He is your best friend

He spends more time with you than with his friends and feels comfortable including you in his activities and hobbies. And you feel the same with him. He shares all his secrets with you just as you do with him. You’ll never get tired of hanging out with him – even Netflix can be more fun than going to the movies.

7. He wants to same things in life

Romance aside, there are many practical points to consider before marriage. You know he’s the one when his long-term goals align, and when his views on personal finance, family, and attitude towards life are all compatible with yours.

In the end, when it feels so comfortable and natural to be with him, you know he’s yours, and you’re his.

Kaitlyn L.

Kaitlyn L.

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