Short Story: Shyness Overcome

“Kelsey!” I heard Kim bellow across the office. I nervously got out of my seat, wondering what she was going to criticize me for this time. It always seemed like she had something negative to say about me, though I know I was one of the best interns.

I walked over to her desk. “Did you contact Wyclef’s publicist?” she asked, without even glancing up from her computer screen.

“I emailed him, but…”

“Call him!” she yelled before I had a chance to explain that there was no phone number listed under Wyclef’s press contact.

“Yes ma’am.” I went back to my desk as quickly as I could. Suddenly, something came to mind that I knew would impress Miranda. I pulled up The New Yorker’s website. I typed “Wyclef Jean” into the search bar. A bunch of articles popped up, including an article done a few weeks ago.

I looked at the writer’s byline. “Great,” I thought, “Samantha did this piece.” I jumped onto our company chat line and messaged her as fast as my fingers could type. To my luck, she responded right away with the information I needed.

I called Wyclef’s publicist and set up the interview for my assignment. As soon as I hung up the phone, I messaged Miranda. “Good,” she replied and sent me home early. Wanting to impress her even further, I responded that I would stay and help others with their tasks.

Ashley Paskill

Ashley Paskill

Ashley Paskill is a journalism major at Temple University. She has written for a number of publications such as the Odyssey, Her Campus, and the Temple News. She is currently finishing up a semester internship at the Metro Philadelphia as an editorial internship. In her free time, she serves on the leadership at her church.