Short Story: Broadway Memorabilia

I looked out the subway window and saw something peculiar as we approached my stop. On one of the benches, I saw what appeared to be a car brush with a long wooden handle. This was sitting on top of a five-inch, three-pronged binder stuffed with paper and folders. These items were tied together with a raggedy old bandana.

I hopped off the subway and looked around to make sure the coast was clear. The owner of the objects on the bench was not in sight, so I decided to try to figure out what the binder was and who it belonged to. I untied the dirty bandana and opened the binder to find out that there was no rhyme or reason to its contents. Everything was disorganized, even within the binders that were labeled to hold certain documents.

Nothing I saw had anything that mentioned the person’s name. The papers had content anywhere from a court document for a divorce to a random picture of a guy winking. Was this the owner of the items? His picture looked familiar, like someone I had seen performing as the star of the musical Sweeney Todd when I attended a show last week. I met him at the stage door and he was constantly winking at everyone, especially the ladies in attendance. I knew he took the subway a lot as I had ridden it with him on occasion. I remember him being a bit clingy to his fans.

I looked around for the nearest security guard to give them the objects that I had found. They thanked me and I went on my merry way to the office. I got to my desk and saw a note from my editor that said she wanted me to profile of the Broadway star I had just recovered items of. “This should be interesting,” I thought to myself.

Ashley Paskill

Ashley Paskill

Ashley Paskill is a journalism major at Temple University. She has written for a number of publications such as the Odyssey, Her Campus, and the Temple News. She is currently finishing up a semester internship at the Metro Philadelphia as an editorial internship. In her free time, she serves on the leadership at her church.