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Chris Surrency

So I woke up this morning and stumbled into a couple surprises, first off I just wanted to inform everyone that water really is wet. I know, it’s that obvious at times but I can say with absolute certainty that this is 100% verifiable fact. See, I got up, got my child a bottle and get her to lay back down to watch a little Sesame Street. Once she was chilling in her pack and play I headed into the bathroom and got the shower running. I set my clothes on the back of the toilet, then prepared myself to clean off, although honestly the morning shower is generally meant to wake us up more than anything else. Anyway, once the water was producing enough steam for my liking I stepped in, soaped up, and started to wash. As the water poured down over my head, drenching my hair, I felt this awkward sensation. My skin felt strange, as if it were covered in some kind of liquid intended to remove grime and dirt from the surface. I stood there for a couple minutes, inspecting my arm, wondering what was going on, I had hopped in the shower and now suddenly I found myself all wet. Once I completed cleaning, I got out and began to dry myself, upon looking at the floor I noticed a little ring of water around me starting to puddle up, it was at this moment that I realized water really is wet.

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Once I got myself prepared for the day and my older child ready for school, we headed out the door to get to my car and hit the road. It was pretty overcast this morning, I noticed the grey clouds floating everywhere and assumed there would be rain rolling in a little later. As I drove down the road I kept checking out the cloud cover, then I noticed something a bit troubling, the clouds began to part and I noticed an odd color shining through. It was this beautiful blueish hue, not quite baby blue, not quite a Carolina blue, but it was certainly in the blue family. I damn near had to pull over to the side of the road because it caught me so off guard. I couldn’t quite understand what was going on, what exactly was I seeing break through the clouds? I looked around the roadway, wondering if maybe I wasn’t the only one seeing this insanity. Nobody else seemed as shocked at this occurrence, from the reactions on their faces everyone else to think this was absolutely normal. As I kept looking I searched my mind to try understanding what was happening before me, then it finally hit me, that WAS the sky. Once again I had been taken by surprise, not only is water wet, but the sky really IS blue.

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This has been just the most ridiculous of days, I’m stumbling over shocking revelations around every corner. You know that green stuff that grows out of the dirt everywhere? Yeah, so apparently that’s this “grass” stuff I’ve heard so much about. I swear, it’s been insane learning so many different things today. You’ve heard of fire, right? Yeah, I’ve heard so much about how useful it can be, and destructive as well, over the years. So today I see a lighter and decided to run a little experiment. I turned the wheel and produced a nice little flame. I played with the lighter a bit and got the flame to grow, once I felt it was big enough I decided to run my hand over it, feeling a slight warming sensation. I had to figure something out, so I slipped my hand through the middle of the flame. You’ll never guess, but it turns out that friggin’ flame was hot. Seriously, how come they don’t warn us that fire is hot? Do you know how enticing an open flame could be to a child? I spent all afternoon trying to unravel these absurd mysteries of life and just couldn’t seem to wrap my head around them, I guess some things just have to be left mysterious. Oh yeah, and the Giants fired Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese today as well, but that’s not all that surprising, is it?

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Chris Surrency

Chris Surrency is an aspiring author and article writer with opinions on many different topics. He fell in love with writing as a child in elementary school and has taken any occasion possible to let the words that roll around in his head come out whether it be in a notebook or on a computer. Chris got his first opportunity to write online at, a subsidiary site for Wrestling News World, posting opinion pieces. He later joined the Yahoo Contributor's Network, covering many topics from science to video games and back to sports, and almost all points in between, he posted well over one hundred articles up until the moment Yahoo dismantled the network. Since that time he's provided content to different sites online, written his first novel, and eventually made his way to MCXV where he's finally capturing the enjoyment he once found while writing at Yahoo once again.