Shepherd trapped in debris under camper after Hurricane Irma for 4 days

Source: Pet Rescue Report

In Hollywood, Florida, a frantic woman called out to Guardians of Rescue on Wednesday and cried for help after finding a German shepherd trapped under a camper cap since Hurricane Irma – four days ago. The woman had called numerous other rescue organizations, but no one came to help; everyone was overburdened and overwhelmed because of lack of electricity, fuel and access to some of the worst affected areas.

The Guardians of Rescue had made the trip from Smithtown, New York. On their website, they posted the following:

“Dogs that were already abandoned — old, injured, moms with puppies; animals that were abandoned right before the hurricane hit because owners didn’t want to deal with them; animals left in homes and animals left chained outside. What ever the situation, they need our help without delay.”

Within an hour the rescuers arrived; the devastation in the area apparent and the police and firefighters were already on the scene removing the camper shell lying on top of the injured dog. The man who lived at the home wasn’t there – he had evacuated and left his five dogs behind. Trapped in a hot, disgusting building, covered in their own feces, one of the dogs had chewed his way out of his cage and tried to escape the building that had been completely boarded up. As rescuers opened the door, the heat and the stench assaulted their senses – the dogs had been locked in that heat chamber for four days. The injured dog, soon dubbed Konrad, had been left chained outside to fend for himself. Rescuers helped to carry him out in a sheet and had to lightly muzzle him because he was in excruciating pain.

“He is not showing feeling in his back left foot or leg with any stimulation, and his front right leg is an obvious dogfight injury that is at least a week old. He would not move when we approached him. He is in bad shape and by his condition he has been neglected far before the camper shell landed on him. Thankfully, the good Samaritan that called us to come, sent us to her veterinarian who is very humble and offered her emergency services. She met us at her clinic 45 min. away from location. He is currently being given iv fluids, pain meds, being shaved to examine his puncture wounds, and injuries along with blood work being done. 104.10 fever. He is malnourished, dehydrated, and has several injuries throughout his body. These poor animals!,” the rescuers explained.

On Thursday, Konrad’s update on his condition had been posted to the organization’s Facebook page. Fortunately he suffered no broken bones and is being treated for severe puncture wounds and abrasions. The many scars on his body tell a disturbing story – details surely beyond what happened with the hurricane. This dog will never live like that again.

Authorities have promised to investigate this horrible situation and press animal cruelty charges against the owner.

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Photos and video of shepherd trapped under camper courtesy of Guardians of Rescue.


Meet Konrad:

Posted by Guardians of Rescue on Wednesday, September 13, 2017



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