Sexual Assault Is Killing Hollywood

It seems like when you turn on the television, you hear about some celebrity in trouble over sexual harassment or sexual assault. This has become a daily thing it feels like. The whole bombshell truly started with Harvey Weinstein. In October, reports started arising of a dozen women coming out and saying Harvey harassed or even raped them. This led to him being fired by his own company, his wife leaving him, and lawsuits thrown against him. By mid October, over fifty women have accused Harvey of harassing them in some way. After this, the flood gates opened for celebrities and the charges made against them.

Kevin Spacey was accused by several men of sexual assault, which led to Netflix cutting all ties with the actor. Spacey would later announce in an interview that he was coming out, but it was received as a ploy to draw attention away from the assault charges. Other actors such as Jeremy Piven and Steven Seagal have also been accused of sexual harassment by numerous women. It doesn’t stop there either. Jeffery Tambor, known for his role in Transparent, decided to leave the show because two of his co-members accused him of sexual harassment. It’s not just movie makers who are in trouble with these allegations.

Today Show host Matt Lauer was fired from his position due to the sexual harassment claims. Comedian Louis C.K. was accused of several sexual misconducts. He would apologize but still lost all of his projects. Television personality Ryan Seacrest is also under investigation for sexual misconduct. Those allegations were made by a former E! wardrobe stylist. Even Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys has been accused of rape, which he ultimately declined. The latest misconduct was made against Danny Masterson, who was cut from his show The Ranch on Netflix.

When will it end? All these claims are sending shockwaves throughout the industry. Producers, actors, television hosts and comedians have been ousted and thrown into obscurity thanks to heinous acts they’ve committed. This current trend seems like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. It just goes to show you that the ones we feel are stars, can crash down harder than others. Hopefully the misconduct claims will stop. Not because of potential buyouts, but because the men of Hollywood stopped harassing innocent women and men.

Logan Howell

The name is Logan Howell. I'm just a regular guy that loves to watch sports, play some video games, and just keeping busy. I love to write, and I hope you all enjoy my work!