Sean Kelly A College Dropout And A Self-made Millionaire

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Please introduce yourself
I am currently 20 years old, a college dropout and a self-made millionaire. I attribute my success to my unhealthy work ethic and love for learning. I didn’t drop out of college because I hated education, I dropped out because I loved it and wasn’t learning quickly enough as a student. I have learned much more about business from learning on my own.

-What are some struggles you face being an entrepreneur?
Capital is usually the main issue for most entrepreneurs, but not for me thanks to my preorder model. My biggest struggle is supply chain management as we carry thousands of different SKU’s. It is hard keeping up with the demand.

-What advice would you give someone with a dream to startup their own company?
Work a sales job prior to starting your own business and master the art of closing. If you can’t make a sale, you can’t run a business.

How can people contact you? 
My Instagram is @seanmikekelly or you can contact me at JerseyChamps.com

Sujan Pariyar

Sujan Pariyar is Founder of Inxchan | Author | SEO expert | Social entrepreneur. He writes about Entrepreneurship, humanitarian work, and travel. He is also regular contributor at Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Yourstory, Buzzfeed and more. His foundation Inxchan provides a unique volunteering and traveling opportunities in Nepal. Inxchan is one of the active organization working for benefiting children, women, and community of Nepal.