The San Antonio Gas Shortage of 2017

I would just like to start this off by saying there is no actual shortage of gas in San Antonio. Well, at first there wasn’t. Hurricane Harvey caused a delay in shipments of gas. When the media reported on it, everyone mistook this warning to go fill up and stockpile gas.

San Antonio is known for being the City Who Always Panics

San Antonio will close down the roads over 2″ inches of snow. We panic over every little thing, and it’s almost always overblown and overhyped. Hurricane Harvey may have missed San Antonio, but the fear has caused chaos. All the gas stations in my neighborhood and surrounding areas were closed or out of gas. The ones that were open were charging $3, but to be honest, I wouldn’t take their gas even if it was free. My job closed as long with many other businesses over the weekend that Hurricane Harvey was supposed to hit. We were fortunate to get light rain.

72% of gas stations are out of gas

Originally there was no gas shortage, but because everyone in the city freaked out and put gas when they didn’t need it, there is now a real gas shortage. This information was found on MySanAntonio where they reported that an estimated 600 gas stations are low or out of gas. There were reports of people filling up 50-gallon barrels as if we were never going to have gas ever again. The panic is out of control, and now instead of working together as a community, a few bad apples ruined the bunch. Many of us rely on gas to get to our jobs and school, and I honestly think the media caused a frenzy on purpose to make money. The mayor has tried to convince San Antonio residents not to hoard gasoline, but the long lines continue as there are rumors that things won’t be back to normal until Tuesday or Wednesday. There is also talk of the price of gas going up to $2.75 in the next few weeks.


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