RWBY Retrospective: "A Minor Hiccup"

Hello, ladies and gentlemen and others, and welcome back to the RWBY Retrospective, a series that looks at the series created by the late Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions, with an episode where the main team gets new outfits. Granted, these are m0re designed towards keeping a low profile rather than signal away their real identities. But then again, it did not take very long for the trouble to come to them anyway, so they might as well have worn neon-lighted sandwich boards as accessories. Regardless, here is the episode, submitted for your consideration:

The episode starts off with a minor B-plot, which is all about Jaune trying to flirt with Weiss. Up until halfway through the volume, this is something that exists to be funny in a playing-to-the-pit sort of way. For the fans, this is either somewhat humorous or as funny as a heart attack. Then again, it seems to be small potatoes in hindsight, especially concerning another ship with a song similar yet different to this.

Nevertheless, Weiss and the others are focused on their assignments for tracking Torchwick and his associates. She and Ruby are going to the CCT in order to check the books and other records. Meanwhile, Blake is going to re-infiltrate the White Fang and Yang is going back to the club from the Yellow Trailer to pressure information. And just as they finish their plan, Sun comes back in, as he wanted a bit more of the fight from “Black and White”. He also brought Neptune as well, for a brief joke about heights and how Weiss thinks Sun is a Harvey Weinstein-type creeper.

So the plan is changed, as all six are split into three pairs. This leads into what is probably the best joke of the volume, as Weiss is smitten with Neptune and tries to pass it off as appealing to Ruby and Yang’s sisterhood. And it is a joke with weight, as it relates to the romantic subplots that lightened things when there’s no action. And with the benefit of hindsight, one could imagine the Weiss of future volumes looking back on these times as the salad days. But for now, she’s humming this in her head:

And so Ruby and Weiss go over to the CCT, they have a few moments of banter and run into Penny before Weiss goes in for the records. Hence we get our title, as Penny’s hiccuping is more or less an obvious tell. While the lady in white reflects on her family and work at hand, the other two catch up on the matters at hand. Penny pretty much explains it as being handled by her father, who apparently has a close relationship with Gen. Ironwood. And speak of the Devil (in the eyes of the hippies), the Atlassian man is doing a holographic presentation for the new cybernetic Knight and Paladin models. Meanwhile, a nervous Penny and a dumbstruck Ruby are spotted by regular human soldiers and chased by them.

This chase ultimately ends with Ruby stuck out onto the street, with the Shopkeeper’s truck barreling down on her. And unlike that “bird-watching” scene from Back to the Future, Penny comes in to stop it with her bare hands. An impressive feat, but one that kinda sorta blew her cover. And after a few moments and several reassurances later, Penny ends the episode by revealing her robotic nature.

So, what do you think?

David Baker

David Baker

David Baker is a freelance writer and editor, with a major passion for movies and the other pillars of popular culture. As such, he knows bad writing when he sees it.