Houston Rockets sign Tarik Black 2017

Houston Rockets sign Tarik Black 2017 offseason. He played part of a season there prior to being waived in the middle of his rookie season. He then joined the Lakers where he remained till this new signing with the Rockets. That was a bad year for the Lakers with Kobe coming back from injury, Lin not meeting expectations and draft pick Julius Randle getting injured for the whole season after his first day mishap. Ironically, this was in a game where the Lakers faced the Rockets.

Black was a good role player. He has both size and can play pick and roll. He can get physical, although I’m unsure of if any stats support how good he was offensively or defensively. He should be able to play good pick and roll with Chris Paul. I believe this will be a good lob city with a number of Chris Paul’s new centers and James Harden’s former ones. Montrez Harrell also was in this farm system and played great off lobs prior to be traded for Paul along with Patrick Beverley, Sam Dekker, Lou Williams, among others.

I felt that the Rockets farm center for centers was great and the dependency on an All Star like Dwight Howard or DeAndre Jordan wasn’t required.

Chris Paul is probably the best defensive point guard behind Gary Payton and Walt “Clyde” Frazier.  I dreamed of Paul going to the Rockets due to an ideal pairing of Harden and him in a backcourt, James Harden’s first year in the Houston Rockets. Paul wanted to join a team that could bring him to the NBA Finals. He is eligible for a 4 year, $150 million contract extension or can be an unrestricted free agent making $200 million for 5 years. Paul averages a career double double of around 19 points, 10 assists a game and 2.3 steals. He would do great with coach Mike D’Antoni with his ability to pass and play the point guard decision: very great for Tarik Black. The Score has mentioned multiple times that he is a point god emphasizing his ability to play the position. He will have played of centers from the Houston Rockets farm system to play pick and roll with. The prospect of Chris Paul playing with James Harden is intriguing as well with two triple-double machines there.

The Rockets are going after Melo after failing to obtain Paul George via trade: George went to the Lakers. The Knicks and Rockets were getting closer to Melo deal with the Daily News saying they were at the “two yard line.” The reason for this is possibly from the New Orleans Pelicans and Brooklyn Nets. The New Orleans Pelicans are interested in re-obtaining Ryan Anderson, even with a three year $60 million remaining contract needs to be part of the transaction. The Brooklyn Nets also can take the Ryan Anderson contract as mentioned by the WFAN. Ryan Anderson would fit since he’s a 3 point shooter, a starter. The Nets are willing to take a big contract for draft picks, which may be why multiple teams need to be involved. The Brooklyn Nets received D’angelo Russell, DeMarre Carroll and two draft picks from big trades.

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