Raw, 12/4/17's first two hours the most painful in wrestling history

So, there’s some things I don’t like about Raw, since I like New Japan Pro Wrestling and Lucha Underground and had beef with the McMahon’s since the 2000s.

Not pushing Cesaro as a face.

And there’s stuff that everybody hates about Raw.

And then the writers and staff push that down people’s throats, just like with HHH and McMahon in the 2000s.

What is the worst thing you can start off Raw with…

Pre-Monday Night Football?

Jason Jordan

And then you make it Jason Jordan vs Roman Reigns.

The first two hours were a mess.

Pushing a Paige, who gets a lot of unneeded flack for natural human emotions, but pushing her in a stable with stables I’m familiar with when her mic skills have gotten green, her not having a match, etc..

And a Cruiserweight division with heel Enzo Amor’e?

What a mess. If this was the NBA, someone would’ve been fired already.

Have Earl Watson run Raw please! At least he has Devin Booker and a developed Phoenix Suns rebuild to account for.

Richard Huang

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