What do I get him? Quirky gifts to buy your loved ones this Christmas

In just over a month, Christmas will be upon us and everyone’s favourite – and most expensive – time of the year will be here. Again.

It’s a time for family meals, TV specials, and the all encompassing need to indulge in consumerism. Anything you could ever need is available in shops, with extended opening hours and stressed out retail staff, theres no better way to treat your friends and family, than buy them something new.

But if you are finding it difficult to decide on a thoughtful and memorable pressie for your friends and family, look no further, as I show you 10 gifts which will entertain and amuse even the Scroogiest of humbugs.


For the Stranger Things fan:

Buy it from for £29.99

What’s more popular than Netflix’s newest hit series; stranger things. A nostalgic 80’s theme, fantastical plot and a Scooby doo gang of kids. This creepy candle and holder, in the bust of Eleven, will let your friend know that you do in fact listen to their fandom rants, no matter how complex or heated they become.



For the Corbynite:

Buy it from for £9.99

Everyone loves Labours answer to the Pied Piper. He’s introduced the youth of today to democracy like it’s the new drug on the streets. If you know a nuevo-socialist who wont stop talking about their facourite politician, get them the Jeremy Corbyn annual. It’s filled with pics, fashion tips and activities to keep them occupied until the next general election.


For the chef:

By it from for £19.99

This sushi bazooka will make ‘perfect’ sushi rolls ‘effortlessly.’ An inspiring gift for any weeb or wannabe chef. They’ll use it once, watch the sushi turn out horribly wrong, and shove it in the back of their cupboard, but tell you that they use it every Friday night and make delicious sushi and how perfect the gadget is.


For the tea lover: 

Buy it from for £8.99

In the colder months, it’s nice to snuggle up with a warm cup of coffee, but forgotten cups of tea and coffee are are Problem.

This heat sensitive mug will warn you that the mug on your coffee table is in fact full of 8 hour old beverage. A vital tool for forgetful procrastinators.

For the Nerd: 

Buy it from for £13.99

With StarWars The Last Jedi coming out this Christmas, the franchise has never been hotter. Why not add to your fanboy’s (or girl’s, I don’t discriminate) excitement by theming their gift to be about certain not-quite-human-character’s adventures in space history. Also, wookie cookie tin. The name just does it for me.


For the couch potato:

Buy it from for £9.99

A nifty gizmo to keep your mug (heat sensitive or otherwise) in place whilst chilling on the sofa.

For the germaphobe:



A tidy kitchen is a happy kitchen. Keeping your sponge in a cute and comfortable space will…somehow make your life (and cleanliness) so much better. Pillows included.

For the glasto-regular: 

Buy it from for £12.99

This festival kit comes with everything you could ever need if venturnig into the world of music festivals; glowsticks and a torch for navigation during the post-headline act back to your tent; travel hygiene supplies, because living in a tent doesn’t mean you are allowed to wallow in mud for a long weekend; and of course, a poncho, because rain is inevitable in the great British summer.

For the ..weirdo: 

Buy it from for 29.99

Everyone has that friend who likes skulls and kooky ornaments a bit too much. This is for them. If they have a skull on their mantle, they won’t want your skull on the mantle.

For the King in the North: 

Buy it from Firebox for £29.99

Finally, for the game of thrones fans who want to join Daenerys as a parent of dragons, I offer these giant dragon egg candles. Burn away the wax to reveal your destiny as the ruler of Westeros.



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Vicky is a third year journalism student studying in Brighton, UK. She enjoys writing about local news, opinion, and lifestyle issues such as mental health, feminism and student life.
  • Dee Warner

    Some great suggestions there Vic. Love them all! But how to choose ?

    Happy Gifting Vicky! x