Players Stranded in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood's MSQ

Pictured: players that have been online for >24h spamming a quest character in the hopes of being able to continue to play the game

I write in this in the hopes Square sees the issue in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and fixes it.

Yesterday, the Early Access portion of the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion pack began for Pre-Order players. The Early Access portion is slightly gated for the players, meaning they can’t reach end-game, but not in the way it currently is. At the moment, players in the game– including myself– are reporting that a specific quest-line is unfinishible. This is leaving players stranded in the starter zone of the expansion pack.

Within the Main Scenario Quest of Stormblood, there is a point where the quest: Best Served with Cold Steel is supposed to lead players into an instanced quest for immersion and technical reasons. However, these instances take place in a separate instanced server. This means that players data is temporarily taken to a new server, seemingly one that is set to handle a smaller population of players at a time.

The problem here? It is placed almost right at the start of the Stormblood’s story. So, at the moment, we have hundreds of thousands of players trying to get into this small instance server at the same time. Unfortunately for the game, a lot of the explorable content of Stormblood is gated behind this quest.

So, essentially, we have an entire player-base stuck in an area that there isn’t much to do or see in. There is nothing to do. People are just sitting there, spamming the quest guy until they can get lucky and get in. Please Square, send help. Expand the server. Take down some other server if you need to do it. Kill the PotD server or something, screw the powelevelers.

Unfortunately, the developers are aware of the issue, but it seems they are not keen on fixing it. To them, it is fine to just “[…] please wait and try again at a later time.

Benjamin Webb

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