Overwatch Grand Final SMASH! 2017

This year at the Sydney Manga and Anime Show, or SMASH!, a small Overwatch tournament was held. This tournament was hosted by MWAVe, which is a leading PC peripheral distributor, and saw 48 players competing for the top spot. As the day whittled on, only two competing teams remained.

The two teams, competing in a downstairs computer room, were the teams Ibis and 6StackGods. This grand final battle consisted of two maps, with the potential to go onto a third in the event of a one-all win scenario. Unfortunately it was a steamroll on one side, so we only saw two maps being played: Volkskaya Industries and Eichenwald. In Volkskaya Industries, players must compete to control two points, one unlocking after the first is captured. Capturing these points simulates a successful assault on the robot laboratory, destroying it. One team must attack and capture these points while the other must defend against the attackers. Meanwhile, in Eichenwald, the goal is to first capture a payload vehicle and then escort it down a predetermined path to the heart of the enemies keep, destroying it. One team must escort this payload while the other team defends against the push.

What was interesting about the opening battle in Volkskaya Industries was the defensive formation held by the first defending team which was Ibis. They held an interesting defence which consisted of having a Torbjorn on the top-left platform protected by an Orisa. It was an unusual play that didn’t quite work out, with 6StackGods quickly taking the point after a couple of minutes and winning the round. After the changeover, it was 6StackGods turn to defend and they went with a more traditional defensive formation, blocking the chokepoint completely. The choke held for the entire match, leading them to victory.

On the next map, Eichenwald, it was 6StackGods turn to defend first. They held a rather traditional choke defence with one of their biggest hurdles being a backdoor Pharah that dropped in over some buildings with a Mercy following behind. However, on the escort, they were never able to push to the enemy keep. Ibis’ defence was next on this map with 6StackGods on the attack. You can see the video of this final round below.

This match of Overwatch was incredibly fun to watch. The runner-up team, Ibis, received a new mouse courtesy of MWAVe.  The winning team, 6StackGods, won themselves a new mouse and keyboard combo package.



Benjamin Webb

Gaming and anime reporting mostly.