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Outrage as Tesco's Christmas Ad attempts to promote diversity.

British supermarket Tesco have reacted against cristisism for their new Christmas advert, which allegedly shows ‘anti-christian’ values.

Pause the video at 0:36 for the most shameful act Tesco has ever accomplished. Far worse than any horse meat selling or committing fraud on their accounts.

The advert follows five families as they prepare a Christmas dinner of roast turkey and vegetables. But it crosses the line of offense by including a …gasp!!.. muslim family.

This outrageous move by the supermarket chain, in an effort to promote diversity in Uk’s post-brexit climate, is clearly a move too far.
How dare they represent a significant portion (over 3 million) of British culture?

Religion and race based hate crimes across Britain increased by 20% after EU referendum voted to leave the European Union.
Toxic language against ‘foreigners’ and immigrants was said to be to blame for the surge in hate crimes. This discriminatory behaviour is dividing our country more than the 48 – 52 brexit result.
Surprisingly the same sex couple also featured in the advert have managed to slip under the radar. It seems that with the same sex marriage law getting passed in 2014, homosexuality is less of a taboo than praying in a different building to what used to be the majority of Britain.

But one thing the far right twittersphere seems to have completely missed is: what do the 3 million muslims in the UK do for the build up to Christmas? Clearly, they must hide in their muslim houses, which obviously blacklists any and all TV specials airing mid to late December. And they can never eat the limited edition Christmas packaged food that all supermarkets put out. No. That would be wrong on so many levels.
What about kids at school? Thy obviously sit quietly whilst their friends gossip loudly about the latest xbox game they all received on Christmas day.

Muslims are muslims and must stay in their muslim homes and never ever join in on British culture. Ever.



Photo by Simone Hutsch on Unsplash


Vicky is a third year journalism student studying in Brighton, UK. She enjoys writing about local news, opinion, and lifestyle issues such as mental health, feminism and student life.