News reporter, cops and young boy rescue dog from busy traffic-filled street

When NBC news reporter, Pat Battle had been covering a news story in Hackensack, New Jersey on Friday and saw a small dog dart in and out of traffic, it was Pat’s first instinct to help. Just as quick as a flash of lightning, the black pup ran across the lawn in front of the Bergen County Courthouse and into traffic – just as everyone was leaving for the weekend. When Pat spotted a child about 50 yards away, she assumed it was the little boy’s dog; he had already been trying to catch her.

“The boy was calling her, I was calling her – she listened but she didn’t obey,” stated Pat.

And so it was time to engage more help, and just moments later a Hackensack police officer stopped his car to join in the effort to save the pooch who was oblivious to the increase in traffic and the dangers of getting hit by a vehicle. For the next 30 minutes, ten strangers worked hard to rescue the pint-sized pup. Count them – there were three police officers, three children and four adults who finally managed to corral the little ten-pound dog to safety.

It wasn’t over yet. Frightened from her scary jaunt, the Chihuahua hid underneath a dumpster. Sgt. Anthony DiParisi called for backup and the responding officers Sean Briggs and Jessica DeJesus lured the dog out with turkey and chicken. Snagged! Ironically the dog seemed grateful for the rescue and snuggled into the arms of Officer Briggs – the adorable little canine “jay-runner”  kissing, licking and wagging her tail. 

The dog wore no collar, and therefore was transported to the Bergen County Animal Shelter where she will spend the next week and hopefully be reunited with her family. Maybe she just escaped from her home? If no one claims her however, that little boy who Pat met when she spotted the pup doing his marathon run – Ethan – said he and his mom would love to adopt the dog and name her “Go-Go” because she never stopped running until she felt the love.

Nice job Pat; no fake media here!

(Photos of news reporter and others save little dog screenshot via Pat Battle)

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Cheryl Hanna

Cheryl Hanna

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