Do It for YOU: Reasons to Study Abroad

Like clockwork, the study abroad posters go up at the beginning of every school year, luring you with images of faraway places, promises of financial aid and of an experience of a lifetime.  You can shrug it off easily, and tell yourself that the cost is just too astronomical. You can even tell yourself that there is no reason to study abroad as a business major, a science major, graphic design major, etc. Don’t. Study abroad — go to that place you have always wanted to venture to, go to that place you have never heard of but that you are willing to take a chance on, go to Europe, Asia, Africa … go, go, go.   pixabay.com You’re young, and you have the time. Wait until after college, and you’ll struggle to take off time from work, have a family to take care of, and have far too many responsibilities on your plate to just jet off to a new, unknown place. There are few opportunities in your life to spend two to four months not just visiting a new country, but living there. You’ll spend your time meeting locals, exploring the town and the country, eating new and exciting cuisines, finding your favorite...

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