Neighbor ran over dog with lawnmower for mating with his female dog

A friendly, three-year-old German shepherd mix was the victim of extreme animal cruelty recently after a neighbor pinned the dog to the ground and ran over his legs with a lawnmower for mating with the man’s female dog. Both dogs were just reacting to their natural instincts – shame on all owners who do not take the time to get their pets spayed and neutered.

It had been a fine summer day when the shepherd, named Mommam, ran and played in the residential neighborhood of Thanlang, Phuket, Thailand. Running over to mount the female dog, tragically the dog’s life changed for the worse in just a few minutes; the female dog’s owner became so furious that he grabbed Mommam, restrained him to the ground and ran over his legs with a lawnmower. Despite the dog’s intense pain and agony, he was able to pull away from his torturer and dragged himself over to the spot where he loved to take naps; he writhed in agony. Later that day when his owner found his dog – he was shocked.

Mommam’s injuries were severe and life threatening. Because his owner was not able to afford the emergency care for his dog, Soi Dog Foundation stepped up to help. The dog was rushed to a local veterinary hospital for treatment. His front leg had been completely severed, and it has since been amputated. His back right leg is currently being treated by Soi Dog vets, who hope they can save it.

As can be seen in the video below, once Mommam’s injuries were treated and his pain was brought under control,  his joyful spirit has returned. His tail is wagging, and he is able to walk – or jump – using his left legs alone.

An investigation by Thailand’s animal cruelty officials is currently underway. The person who attacked the dog is facing criminal charges.

Mommam desperately needs donations to cover his medical care. Please give today:

 Mommam’s recovery would not be possible without you. Thank you for helping him.

(Photos and videos of dog run over with lawnmower courtesy of Soi Dog Foundation Facebook)

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Source: Pet Rescue Report

Video: (Graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences)

HIS LEGS WERE CHOPPED BY A LAWNMOWER – PLEASE HELP HIM!A couple weeks ago, we got a report of a terrible case of abuse against an innocent dog. His name is Mommam. This is his story. Mommam was a happy 3-year-old boy who enjoyed running and playing. That all changed in an instant. Mommam was cruelly punished for following his natural instincts. One day, he tried to mate with a neighbour’s female dog. Furious, the neighbour ran after Mommam and held him down. He then drove a lawnmower over poor Mommam’s legs.Mommam desperately needs donations to cover his medical care. Please give today: the terrible pain, Mommam managed to pull free from his attacker. He stumbled to his well-hidden naptime spot. And then he collapsed. When Mommam’s owner found him, he called Thailand’s animal cruelty investigation unit for help. Mommam was rushed to a local vet hospital for emergency treatment. But his owner was poor and unable to afford the medical care that Mommam would need to save his life. Victims of abuse like Mommam cannot survive without people like you. Will you help? Go to to help now.Mommam suffered life-changing injuries to both right legs. His front leg was severed completely. Sadly, it could not be saved and was amputated. Mommam is now getting treatment from Soi Dog vets, and the battle is on to save his back leg. You are a special part of Momman’s story. Because you can make sure it has a happy ending. Please show Mommam you care and make a donation to help him heal: that Mommam has gotten pain relief for his horrific injuries, his joyful spirit is coming back. His tail is wagging and he is able to walk – or jump – using his left legs alone. Meanwhile, the person who attacked Mommam is facing criminal charges. If you are outraged that someone could do such a heinous thing to an innocent dog, please act now and pledge to care for the victims of abuse today:’s recovery would not be possible without you. Thank you for helping him!

Posted by Soi Dog Foundation on Thursday, August 17, 2017


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