Mexico Suffers A Devasting 8.1 Earthquake

Just before midnight, the “strongest earthquake to hit Mexico in 100 years” was felt all over the country and was even felt as far as Guatemala. Mexico is now on alert for tsunami waves. With Jose and Katia not far behind, people are getting understandably nervous. Irma is on track to be the worst hurricane in recorded history. Hurricane scientists are saying that this is unprecedented and urge skeptics to head their warnings and scientific findings.

Most hurricanes never make landfall, so the fact that four hurricanes that are all very close together might hit landfall all at the same time. Mexico has already experienced 63 aftershocks because of this massive earthquake.

I’ve heard so many crazy rumors and conspiracy theories going on in the news since we found out Irma was forming. I’ve even heard of fake news regarding the hurricane. I don’t remember ever having a fake news problem before Trump was president, but I could be wrong. I’ve heard people say things like the government controls the weather and that Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma is targeting those areas because they have a high Hispanic population. Some people are adamant that climate change is not to blame, but I believe it has something to do with it.

Update: More than 60 people have been confirmed dead.

Photo Credit: USGS // Source: ABC

Ruth Mini

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  • I was looking at the News 4 hours ago and Mexico issued a Tsunami warning. I hope that they recover quickly and stay safe.

  • Penny Preston-Eims

    pretty sure that the tsunami warning was from the earthquake, not Irma

    • I read an article that says sometimes hurricanes can cause earthquakes. So it’s not directly caused by Irma, but I believe it’s a consequence of it. I will edit the article to that more clear.

      • Penny Preston-Eims

        No matter how strong that monster storm is, though, Hurricane Irma did not cause the earthquake in Mexico. There’s been a lot of research done on the subject, but scientists have been unable to find any connection between earthquakes and the weather. While there is some speculation that strong hurricanes can cause fault slippage leading to seismic waves, Hurricane Irma could not have produced such an effect given how far away it was from the epicenter of the Mexico earthquake.