The MCU Is About To Get A Lot Bigger

Chris Surrency

Well, on the heels of the absolutely least shocking news yesterday with the termination of Ben McAdoo and Jerry Reese, it appears we’re on the verge of seeing an impossible moment come to fruition. With the impending end of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe in Infinity War there could be an even bigger shift than expected coming our way in the next phase. The Marvel films has been pretty impressive to this point, and overall they’ve essentially owned the DCEU movies, but with the news coming today they may be getting ready to leave the DC films for dead. While Wonder Woman was amazing, virtually everything else from the DC lineup has been spectacularly underwhelming. Can you imagine what’s going to happen when Marvel Studios is allowed to bring in certain characters that are technically under the same umbrella, but owned by another entity presently? That’s what seems to be planned, with an official announcement as soon as next week, it seems that Disney and Fox have come to an agreement that would finally get all of the most important characters in the universe under one banner.

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I grew up a fan of comic books, and while I did cover more than a couple bases in universe choices, overall I always leaned more heavily Marvel than anything else. Reading the books as a child I often found myself wondering what it would be like if they ever got adventurous in Hollywood and made these stories into live action films. The biggest problems at the time were that most comic book movies turned out pretty spectacularly horrible or campy, also special effects only went so far back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. As time went on and we moved from decent and somewhat respectable Batman movies into the Schumacher debacle, it seemed comic book films would never truly get a solid shake. Then we saw Spawn emerge as a movie, and while not amazing it did start the ball rolling on taking comics seriously. Then came Blade, which showed maybe a little more attention could be paid to comics as an option for film. Then in 2000, the big one, the X-Men movie. While we fans, this was my primary book choice growing up, look back and admit that what we got was pretty bad versus what we expected, it was a start and it opened the doors to studios considering comic book films once again. Two years later we got the first Spider Man movie, and it’s all been an upward trend since.

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After Spider Man hit, becoming a legitimate blockbuster, it seemed fairly safe to tackle comic book properties on film again. While the Spider finally getting off the ground helped, it was the success of a more serious Batman movie, Batman Begins, that started to push more toward where we’re at now. Once it was obvious fans would watch real comic book material, if done well, the risk of producing these films seemed far less. Christian Bale took Bruce Wayne further than the Keaton version of Batman, it was serious and fans loved the idea. Then came word that Marvel Studios was getting back in the game, starting with Iron Man. I’ll be honest, this really didn’t excite me too much, I looked at the failed attempt at a Dark Phoenix from Fox and the abomination of a film that was Spider Man 3, and thought “is a character that always seemed a background option to me really worth a movie?” Turns out, with the casting of Robert Downey Junior, yeah, it was very much worth making this movie. Although I will admit, it was Downey’s perfect rendition of Tony Stark that made this movie, if virtually anyone else had taken the role we may not have the massive universe we do today.

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There have been off and on rumors for years about Disney and Fox finally working out a deal to combine their respective cinematic universes. Fans would get their hopes up, only to be let down once again when we were told it’s just a pipe dream and would never actually happen. Sony recently worked out a deal with Disney to allow Spider Man in the Marvel films, and it’s worked out pretty well. I have to assume this is what helped lead to Fox finally working out a deal. Also, the whole Disney streaming service that’s on the way couldn’t hurt as it offers a new draw to that service and will provide a counter option to services like Netflix and Hulu. Whatever it took to push these behemoths together, I’m incredibly happy it has seemingly happened. The X-Men movies have been good to lately, and Deadpool killed it, with Logan finally capping off Wolverine in a positive manner, it’ll be interesting to see if Disney decides to start them all over or find some way to “bend reality” and combine all of the universes into one place now. I’m looking forward to everything that’s about to happen, but I wish it had happened just a bit sooner, if for no other reason than having T’Challa and Ororo together in Black Panther. If this hold true and the announcement does come next week, DC is in some serious trouble, it’ll be interesting to see how they counter the move, if that’s even remotely possible.

Chris Surrency

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    I love the MCU I’ll be sad to see it come to an end.