Marvel And Fox Finally On The Same Page?

Chris Surrency

You would think that in a year full of big news like we’ve seen this year, nothing really shocking could come to the forefront. Then along comes word that the seemingly impossible could be on the horizon. One of the most talked about, and in many cases dreamed of, collaborations in the world of films and television lately has been to see Marvel Studios and Fox finally come together in order to get all of the Marvel properties under one umbrella and into one massive shared universe. While there have been some great strides lately from Fox to get their X-Men related franchises back on track after they got off to quite the bumpy start. While things have been going well since the release of First Class the Fox side of Marvel has seen pretty steady success as they brought fans back into the fold who may have strayed in recent years. On the other hand, as the Xavier side flourished there was that one pesky other franchise that seemed near impossible to get off the ground, the Fantastic Four. This one franchise has been the primary desire among fans in regard to a Marvel Studios acquisition. Now, it seems, those fans may finally get what they have been requesting.

The big question IF this deal happens, and as in the past that is likely a HUGE if, would be how it impacts the Fox franchises already completed. Clearly Fantastic Four starts over, but with the X-Men movies finally hitting their stride, do you really wipe the slate clean, or just find a way to fold them into the current MCU? With Dark Phoenix coming up, if it’s done right this time around as we’re expecting, these films could continue to raise their stock. You’ve got Gambit in the works, and the New Mutants horror movie concept looks and sounds pretty damn awesome. I would think maybe they just use Doctor Strange to combine different universes/realities together so everyone could finally unite in a gigantic Marvel Cinematic Universe. The word was that the last Fantastic Four wasn’t supposed to be in the same universe as the X-Men films anyway, so that shouldn’t hamper a union of one group while rebooting the other. Right now I would think just slowly blending the properties together would be the best overall move for the Xavier franchises, while you look to start up the other failures from scratch in the new world.

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Fans have wanted a good reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise for a long time now, not entirely because they love the team members as much as the characters that come as an extension of the team haven’t been done to perfection on film yet. My thought has been that the team would be a perfect fit for a series, possibly on Netflix, over another run in theaters. My thought is that the Fantastic Four is more like The Punisher, where a long movie doesn’t seem to go over well, spreading their story our across multiple episodes seems to be a much better fit. The biggest thing fans seem to want is to actually get a good Doctor Doom, and if Marvel gets a hold of the characters we may finally see that, especially if they’re able to tie him to their other existing franchises. Doom could be a great “Big Bad” for a massive team up film, but there’s also one much bigger for we would love to encounter. While the Silver Surfer looked cool, he just wasn’t as awesome as we were hoping in movie form. The other side of the Surfer coming is the hope that they might get Galactus right this time as well. The possibilities are just astounding, and I would love to see most things Fantastic Four blend immediately into the Avengers universe.

Another big question looming if Disney completes this deal is how it changes some of the harder edge things that have been growing on the Fox side of things. The biggest question is how such a move would impact a film franchise like Deadpool. Fox took a chance by making a hard R rated film with Deadpool, getting the character absolutely dead on for the first time in ages. As much as the new X-Men films lit a fire at Fox, it was when Deadpool finally hit theaters that things started to change, not just at Fox but across the board. When Deadpool became the highest grossing R rated film, suddenly the final film of the Wolverine trilogy was given the go ahead for a R rating as well, Suicide Squad went in for reshoots because I guess they felt it wasn’t funny enough or whatever. So now what you have to question is if that would be allowed to continue under the Disney umbrella. I know the Netflix series’ have had an edge and they’re about to get even harder with The Punisher coming out soon, but I don’t know that a Disney franchise could get away with the jokes, the dirt, and just how hardcore Deadpool was at times, it’ll be interesting to see how things progress.

This could be the biggest move in recent movie history, and it could make for some of the highest grossing films of all time, with the greatest team-ups we could ever see in the cinema. We’ll have to see if it finally comes together, maybe they’ll find some way to shoehorn Ororo into the upcoming Black Panther franchise, just to make sure everything works out right. There are plenty of questions to go over, and the potential positive impact far outweighs the negative, but you can’t get too carried away, because you have to remember there is still such a thing as having too much of a good thing. I’m looking forward to a lot of the crossover appeal, and I’ve been dying to see a correct rendition if Galactus on the big screen, so that’s a plus. On top of that there’s a chance for the Shadow King to play out on film and maybe we’ll eventually see a major crossover event where Onslaught takes center stage against a host of heroes. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly fans have held out hope for this union, although fearing it would never happen. This is a developing story, so we all need to keep our fingers crossed that everything pans out for our sake.

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Chris Surrency

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