Magic The Gathering... of Paedophiles!

The Magic The Gathering community has been shaken to its core these past few days with recent revelations that a popular judge of the children’s card game had been convicted of paedophilia. For those unaware of what paedophilia is, it is the sexual attraction to children in adults, and is considered a dangerous mental illness. Magic The Gathering is a children’s card game, somewhat frequently enjoyed by young adults, that pits players against each other as they summon monsters and take turns trying to defeat the opposing players monsters. So, you can see why this is an issue.

Wizards of the Coast, the parent company of Magic The Gathering, had kept a known sex-offender: Ross Stanley Prajzner, as a judge and within the vicinity of children. It is revealed by court documents that while Prajzner was a judge between 2012 and 2016, he was registered for sex offenses involving children in 2013.

What makes this worse, is that instead of immediately acting on these charges as they were brought up (or failing to do a background check on their judges), it was only recently revealed that this predator had been allowed to run rampant in the community. This was revealed in a guest article on the gaming focused website, Niche Gamer, and was echoed on Milo Yiannopolis’ site, Dangerous. It is rather odd that this hasn’t been picked up elsewhere, but these referenced court documents in the linked articles are indeed authentic.

What’s quite shameful for Wizards of the Coast is that instead of addressing these concerns, they went into full denial. Their Vice President of Brand Marketing and Strategy recently took to Twitter to outright deny these claims, regarding them as: Misinformation. Misinformation, or not (it isn’t misinformation, it is fact), people should be aware of how little care this company has put into ensuring a children’s card game tournament is safe for participation.

This whole situation is quite terrible, and I find it bizarre that this hasn’t been reported on by more mainstream sources. Make sure to check out the original articles for the full story.



Benjamin Webb

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