Is The Legion Doomed?

Chris Surrency

Just a few years back the world was introduced to one of the more dominant defensive forces in the National Football League, the premiere of the Legion of Boom. The Seattle Seahawks put together an incredibly formidable group in their defensive backfield, this defense became one of the most feared in the entire league. The Legion of Boom helped bring home a Super Bowl Championship in 2013, and if not for some absurd play calling at the end of the game they could have boasted back to back titles. Unfortunately their offensive coordinator decided it was a good idea to attempt a pass from the goal line instead of handing it to Marshawn Lynch, a man who was all but guaranteed to score from inside 5 yards. The Seahawks have been carried by the power of their defense, with a solid punch from their offense to pick up wins, but fans know that their defense is still the leader, as the Legion of Boom goes so goes Seahawks. Unfortunately it seems that the once formidable L.O.B. may have run their course, as a result it’s got me questioning, have they become the Legion of Doomed?

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A couple weeks back the Legion was dealt a massive blow when one of their core pieces was taken down for the rest of the season. Richard Sherman was the man who brought the L.O.B. name into the lexicon when he went on a tyrade against Michael Crabtree after beating the 49ers. As a result Sherman was put in position as the defacto leader in the eyes of the fans, a spot he didn’t seem to shy too far away from, since that moment he’s been in the conversation for most shut down corner in the league. Sherman has been a beast for years as he brings an insane stature to play for someone lining up at cornerback. Since his debut teams have been trying to replicate him on their roster every offseason. You don’t see many people out in coverage at 6’3” that can go step for step with a receiver in the NFL, although it doesn’t hurt that he was a receiver himself in college, so you know the man has the athletic traits of a ball hawk, he just happens to be supersized for his position. The Seahawks have relied on his presence many times, unfortunately they need to look elsewhere for his level of talent and leadership as Sherman ruptured his Achilles on a Thursday night game. Something that helped fan the flames of players saying the weekly Thursday games are too much and need to be abandoned. Losing a legit superstar for the league will do that usually.

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Another primary cog of the Legion of Boom has been another man who stands at insane dimensions physically for his position, Kam Chancellor. If anyone embodies the “Boom” in Seattle it’s Kam Chancellor, the man is built like a stud linebacker, but he plays strong safety. Standing in at 6’3” and weighing 232 lbs, Chancellor is about as feared a man in a defensive backfield as you will find in the League. He’s got the size to match up against any tight end in the league and the speed to keep pace with most of the wide receivers in the league. The combination of size and speed makes him an absolutely insane player to game plan for on the offensive side of the ball. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hated seeing Carolina play the Seahawks because I know that there isn’t a thing that can be done to avoid Kam, if you throw the ball and it goes anywhere near his area someone is about to get paid out. I love his old school feel, but hate that he’s in Seattle and not Carolina. Most fans would admit they can’t stand Kam, primarily for the same reason I do, because he’s not ripping peoples heads off for our favorite teams. Now it seems that Kam will be out the rest of the season due to a neck injury, taking the two main members of the Legion of Boom out of play for the rest of this year.

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If there is a silver lining to be found I suppose that it’s the return of Earl Thomas this week on Monday Night Football. The news of Chancellor and Sherman being shut down for the rest of 2017 was at least cause for the rest of the NFC to rejoice as it opens up the potential for playoff push for many of the teams that may have been on the bubble. I realize losing a player doesn’t always equate a team going into a tailspin, but losing two can be very dangerous, especially when the two happen to be a pair of the best players in the league. Getting Thomas back will offer a bit of assistance, but he alone won’t be able to replace Sherman and Chancellor. This just hasn’t been a very lucky year for Seattle, on top of Sherman, Chancellor, and Thomas hitting IR this year there was the news that Cliff Avril may be retiring after this season due to injuries. With the talent they’ve developed and the players who seem interested in playing for Pete Carroll each year, it’s difficult to think of Seattle entering a “rebuilding” season, but we may see that in the near future. If these injuries continue to pile up, the Legion could absolutely be doomed.

Chris Surrency

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