The Legend of Zelda Maker - Nintendo Money Maker?


Do it Nintendo, make The Legend of Zelda Maker for Switch and 3DS

The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s largest franchises of all time and has one of the most devoted fanbases in the world. Since its inception on the NES, the genre has inspired the imagination of many gamers, some of which have gone on to create their own tributes to the franchise. One of the largest of these is the Dark Souls series, but, there are also countless Zelda fangames out there. Nintendo has already got a way for fans to create their own levels for another one of their franchises, Super Mario, under the software package: Super Mario Maker.

For the longest time, fans have wanted more out of a Zelda game, to live in Hyrule and explore it in many ways. How better to allow them to do that than to flex their imaginations in a Nintendo approved manner? Why not take the example lead by the successful Super Mario Maker software (which has reported to have sold 2million copies on the 3DS alone) and allow gamers to create their own Zelda levels in a similar software package. Zelda fans are increasingly growing consumer base, with Breath of the Wild (the latest Zelda game) selling at around 3million units in the first month.

While it may not be feasible to create a fully realised 3D Zelda game, Nintendo could very easily make something akin to the engine used for the 3DS Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds, and have that as the basis for the gameplay. Much like how Super Mario Maker seems to be enjoying a similar engine to the New Super Mario games. Even more, with Nintendo starting to release apps on smartphones, it could be that people can play some Zelda maps on the train on their smartphones with a dedicated app.

Honestly, as a consumer, I would love to see something like this. I’ve been dying to create some Zelda games for a long time, only, I’ve never had the technical wizardry to know how. But if it was as simple as Mario Maker, I’d definitely give it a go.

Nintendo, please give us this. It’d make you a craptonne of dosh. Please!


Benjamin Webb

Gaming and anime reporting mostly.