Knowing the Signs of a Burnout

Have you recently found yourself suddenly feeling exhausted emotionally and physically that it has resulted in a loss of interest in things you enjoy doing? This is everything from catching up on Game of Thrones to enjoying a cheesy pizza.

Has your stress level suddenly become so chronic that your usual approach to de-stressing isn’t working? You may be experiencing burnout.

Burnout can be best understood as a sudden and overwhelming sense of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment. Imagine working day in and day out – you are highly successful, highly accomplished but slowly you find yourself overwhelmed and taking on new tasks. Rather than turning down an opportunity you welcome the challenge not realizing that you are on the verge of burning out hard.

What differentiates burnout from your everyday stress is that it doesn’t happen suddenly and it doesn’t come and go – rather it builds up when things aren’t addressed or managed. Our body and mind gives us subtle warnings that we often ignore or take for granted. Soon the signs and symptoms become full blown that it’s too late for prevention.

What are signs of burnout?

Burnouts encompass everything from our physical and emotional well-being. This includes everything from chronic fatigue to insomnia and forgetfulness. When you’ve hit a burnout, you lose focus and attention to things that you once were so attuned to. No longer are you meticulous, rather you have become sloppy and disorganized.

When we experience a burnout, the physical symptoms include a shortness of breath, dizziness and headaches – which we often cure with an aspirin or two but the reality is that the headaches can actually result into something much more serious.

From headaches to insomnia, the body slowly deteriorates leaving the immune system weak and vulnerable. Your body becomes susceptible to infections, colds and the flu.

While your immune is weak – this can lead to missing work or falling behind in projects and assignments which becomes a by factor of anxiety. Anxiety in burnout becomes severe that it affects ones productivity and can actually impact one’s personal life.

How does anxiety impact the personal life? In the early stages of burnout you feel different in that you are slightly more stressed than usual and easily angered or triggered. This can often deflect onto our partners, friends and family. The emotions experienced can sometimes be heightened without you realizing it – in a way it can sometimes lead to an intrapersonal battle of reasoning and logic, which are severely diminished when you experience a burnout.

Burnout (similar to depression) removes the enjoyment and passion towards things you once enjoyed. It turns you into a pessimist when you were an optimist or even a realist. It makes you seek out isolation when deep down you are trying to find a way to stay afloat and in control. It turns your against yourself and makes you feel disconnected to those you normally don’t.

While stress is normal in life, if anything it is almost a rite of passage to ones path to success; however, a burnout is anything but pleasurable. It can ruin a person and their relationships in a heartbeat.

It’s important that when experiencing a burnout of even the warning signs of it, to always make time for yourself and the things you enjoy. It is important to put your health and wellbeing first. Work is important but if you can’t focus, if you can’t remain logical what good are you?

No matter how big or how small, it’s important to not ignore the signs of stress or to neglect yourself during a burnout because it doesn’t heal itself like a flu. Take initiative, take action to make sure your health is always number one on your priority.



Merylee Sevilla

Merylee Sevilla

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