Kenny Chesney, 'It's Total Devastation' After Hurricane Destroys Island Home

On September 7, after Hurricane Irma lashed the Caribbean, country music singer Kenny Chesney posted a message on Twitter about the utter devastation in the area which destroyed his own island home. Though Chesney was not at his residence when the monster storm barreled through, many of his friends (and their dogs) were sheltering inside of the island retreat as the hurricane rolled in.

Chesney assumed that the structure could withstand the lashing wind, but he was wrong. The country singer commented on the destruction in Rare Country:

“I had 200 mph wind-tested windows throughout my house, and every window in the house just blew out, so these people were really scared. They found more shelter in a big closet and were in that closet for a long time, and they made it. Luckily, a lot of people made it.”

As for the destruction in the area – Chesney simply stated, “I don’t know what to say.” He described the area as “total devastation,” and noted that he has been left feeling helpless for the tremendous loss of the residents on the islands.

Though Chesney isn’t sure how he will go about helping, he is committed to doing so. He is hoping that No Shoes Nation will step up to answer the call for help when plans are put into place to help the people who have lost so much. He ended his hurricane message with words of hope, “Be safe. Tell someone how much you care. Remember to Spread the Love.”

(Images via Kenny Chesney/Twitter)

Penny Eims

Penny Eims

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