She started off smartly. 'Hexibisoning different character',(in Jenifa's voice) till where she keeps coining series of excuses, from why she fortunately unfortunately  wouldn't attend Toyosi's Parent's Annivasary, how her father was rich and loves her bla bla, to why he bought her lots of phones and all the different trips... Ok. Erm I loved her still because no matter what.There was always a way out. Smart one! But this episode where she was duped by her boyvrend proved she is the dumbest of Jenifa's friends so far. WAS MERCY BliND? " Where is Lara?, Desmond gave me a check of 1.5ml and I...." At some point , I thought something will somehow make her change her lies and deciet, like maybe Desmond coming out from the shop with a gun threatning to kill her for betraying his love and trust  with proofs before her in public-a lesson to make her remoursful and come back to him or better still change for good. That would have been also embarrassing and I will know she is now a changed person. But  I was not really happy with the way things turned out with her. It shouldnot have ended that way.  I dont...

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