Jeff Goldblum Was Almost Siri. No, Really.

If you are a fan of Jurassic Park‘s Ian Malcolm character, you almost could have had his help every day to fight off your own life’s dinosaurs. That’s right: Jeff Goldblum was almost Siri, the voice of Apple’s iPhone and other devices.

“Steve Jobs called me up a few decades ago to be the voice of Apple,” Goldblum told Richard Wilkins on Australia’s TODAY show. “That was early on, and I did not know it was Steve Jobs.”

That mistake made him miss out on one of Apple’s biggest projects (and a favorite pop culture reference). Having Goldblum do the voice for Siri is not as unusual as one might think. He previously did Apple ads in the 1990’s, hence why Jobs asked him if he would be “the voice of Apple.” Nearly two decades ago, Goldblum starred in Apple’s iMac commercials. comparing the price of an iMac to the cost of three pizzas, amazing to everyone in 1998:

Though he was not the voice of Siri, there is still hope to hear more Goldblum in your life. According to CNET, Goldblum has been in Australia promoting the new food-ordering app Menulog. Goldblum has appeared in two commercials for the app, giving great advice on how to have the best girl’s night in and game nights while minimizing the amount of time you ever have to talk with other people when ordering food:

If you are disappointed by not having Goldblum be the voice that misunderstands you a little too frequently, you could always just rewatch Jurassic Park to maximize your Goldblum experience.

Are you shocked Jeff Goldblum was almost Siri? Would you have wanted him on your phone every day? Let us know in the comments.








Gretchen Gales

Gretchen Gales

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