'It' Breaks Box Office Records

The results came in this week and the magic number is 117 million. An opening weekend for one of the most hyped horror films in recent years claimed $117 million. Success reeks within the Stephen King adaptation as not only did it reach out to the millions of audiences, but was so well promoted that it managed to break records. It is ever so rare that we see a horror film do this, so it is one hell of a feat.

With the lead up to the film, it was all anyone could talk about and rightly so. 17 years on from the original mini-series and it seemed it had lived up to the hype. The total brought it just above ‘Wonder Woman’ and with the interest in super hero movies in recent years, it’s something the director Andy Muschietti can be damn well pleased about. $103 million over the first three days already smashed their budget of $35 million, and with the original expectations of $179 million, it is currently surfing above at $189 million with more money to be made.

The records broken include ‘largest September release ever, previously held by ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ with a meagre $50 million compared to the accomplishment of ‘It’. The other record broken was the most successful horror movie opening weekend, again it smashed the previous accomplishment of $58 million.

Horror movies have met their match.

Or has it? Have you watched the remake? If you have, let us know if IT is as good as the success suggests.

Chandler Waller

Chandler Waller is a young and fresh journalist at the age of 21 years old. He has held freelance positions throughout his career including The Tab, BOXRAW and The Daily Touch. Formerly a journalist under the agency Prose Media, Chandler now works directly for himself.