Is Discord Really Closing Neo-Nazi Servers?

Recently, a bunch of news outlets began to report that the popular Real-Time Message Board service, Discord, had been closing down “Neo-Nazi” servers. This is due to the alleged, and confirmed, reports that “Neo-Nazi’s” had been using the service to organise and allegedly promote and discuss hatred amongst other things. Popular sites like Business Insider, The Verge and even the seriously declining in quality clickbait blog, Kotaku, had reported on the topic. So I figured, Let’s see if there is any truth to this and began an experiment involving my unknowing lab-rats that are in my Linkshell (essentially similar to a chatroom in Final Fantasy XIV).

One night, we were discussing our political ideaologies– a discussion that would usually turn any group of friends into quick enemies I’m sure– before we found that the majority of us were really mid-centre with slight deviations to the left. We thought this to be weird, considering that most people assume that we are really far right, and so I jokingly started my experiment. Our Linkshell Discord would become Nazi themed, with me periodically picking and theming people based on real Nazi’s, or people that are associated with Nazism.


It has been a few weeks now. We are not banned. In fact, we started to get really bad, making tribes of people in games and gassing them, or other such acts of Nazism. We are still not banned. It seems that some people got bored of it though and have started changing their names away from the Nazi stuff.

I would say that this experiment in Neo-Nazism has come to an end, with Discord not actually monitoring for Neo-Nazi stuff, and perhaps just waiting for reports to come in about it. Or… they’re monitoring very hard and have determined that we were just shit-posting. Either way, we’re still here, the few (fake) Neo-Nazi’s that remain.

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