21 Interesting Psychology Blogs

Studying, practicing, or just interesting in all things psychology? Here are 21 hand-picked psychology blogs, organized in alphabetical order, with research and stories that will keep you riveted for hours.

Beyond Blue: Guidance on how to get through depression.

Brain Blogger: An award winning health and science blog and brain-themed community.

Child Psychology Research Blog: By a clinical child psychologist, an expert on mood disorders.

HealthyPlace: For your mental health.

Mind Hacks: Neuroscience and psychology news and views.

Mindreaders Dictionary: For how to “read between the lines with greater comprehension.”

Neuronarrative: Psychology with a public health slant.

Panic!: By a writer who’s been dealing with panic disorder for 20 years.

Peter Shallard – The Shrink for Entrepreneurs: By Peter Shallard, business consultant and therapist, with a focus on the mindset of the entrepreneur.

Pop Psychology: Gender issues and popular culture from a psychologist’s angle.

Positive Psychology News: Daily research-backed articles to boost happiness.

PsyBlog: Helping you understand your mind.

Psychology of Eating: The blog for the “world’s leading school in nutritional psychology” with articles about eating behavior and habits.

Psychology Today Blogs: ‘Essential reads’ from Psychology Today’s bloggers.

Research Digest: The latest psychology research presented in an easy-to-read style. Overseen by the British Psychological Society.

The Last Psychiatrist: Thoughtful, iconoclastic perspective from a practicing psychiatrist.

The Media Psychology Blog: How psychology affects and proliferates across all forms of media.

The Mouse Trap: Interesting musings on all aspects of psychology and neuroscience.

The Reality of Anxiety: By Aimee, who suffers from social anxiety, promoting understanding of the condition.

World of Psychology: Blogging about all things mental health, psychology, psychiatry, behavior and emotions from the heart of Psych Central.

Your Morals Blog: A collaboration among seven social psychologists who study morality and politics.

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Kaitlyn L.

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