Increasing Kathmandu Pollution And Expats Reaction To It.

After Kabul, Accra, Ghaziabad, Tetova, Faridabad, Egypt, Kathmandu is ranked 7th in pollution index 2017 as published by the With the day to day breakdown of Kathmandu road to install underground drinking water pipe to facilitate Melamchi water and unpaved roads afterwards is causing dust everywhere in Kathmandu city.

Civil Hospital’s physician Dr. Achyut Bikram Hamal said that there is surge in the number of respiratory related diseases in the valley due to air pollution.

“Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease, Silicosis, Skin allergy and long term exposure to dust expose to lung cancer in the long-run,” Hamal added.

According to the Department of Environment of Nepal, the particulate matter (PM 2.5) of Ratnapark is 103.5 µg/m³ marking Kathmandu as one of the unhealthy cities to live in.

Here’s what expats are saying about it.


Sujan Pariyar

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