Idiots Link Video Games To Unemployment


Why are video games always linked to the worst things like unemployment? Fix the economy.

Today, according to, many young men are playing video games. They are spending more time playing video games than they are working. Therefore, video games are keeping young men from finding sufficient work. I believe that this is a load of crap, and I’ll explain why.

Quite frankly, the job market here in Australia is in shambles. There are quite simply not enough jobs to supply to every job seeker looking for one. This is a fact. At the moment there ~170,000 job vacancies in New South Wales, while in 2011, there were 190,000 jobseekers. Today, the unemployed percentage is slightly lower (at something like 4.9%) as compared to the 5%ish unemployment rate of that year. Assuming the workforce is the same number of 3.33million, this fact states that there are more job seekers than jobs. I’m not good at math here, but, if the percentage of job seekers is almost the same, and if we assume the workforce is a similar size, there just simply aren’t enough jobs.

So clearly, many young men that are simply locked out of full-time work positions are doing it wrong. They can’t find jobs. It is the video games fault! They’re spending too many hours that they could be working (or starting their own business with all the money that they have /sarcasm) playing video games. It’s almost as though the video games are to blame for this crappy economy.


Or maybe… just maybe… people are playing more video games because at least that way you can still feel productive and achieve something? Maybe there is nothing much else to do that is affordable when you don’t have a job? I mean, if I didn’t have a job, I’d sure as hell be playing more video games until I found a new one.

So what’s the solution to fixing the economy? Personally, I’d say that to reduce globalisation in goods production by encouraging manufacturing to return to the country. Make it difficult for overseas companies to sell directly to the consumer so they use Australian warehouses. Maybe even fund technology growth and research so that new products can be made and sold. What if, right, we stopped privatising all our necessary services like electricity, telephony and internet and reclaimed control over own markets?

This is the truth behind the propaganda. We’re playing more video games because there is nothing else to do.


Benjamin Webb

Gaming and anime reporting mostly.