How I Would Book: Carmella's Money in the Bank Cash-in

How I Would Book:

Carmella’s Money in the Bank Cash-in…

As of late, Carmella’s Money in the Bank cash-in attempts have become a running gag. As the first ever “Ms. Money in the Bank,” Carmella and her briefcase have become the WWE’s equivalent of a responsible married couple trying to plan when to have a baby. They’re waiting for the perfect time, but it never comes, they repetitively have these little “scares” where it seems like the right time, but then it turns out not to be so they pull…back. Fans have started to wonder if she’ll actually cash-in at all, or if she’ll be the first ever Women’s winner of the match and the first person to never use her guaranteed, anytime championship opportunity. With that sentiment, and WWE’s love of playing the semantics game, I decided to play their technicalities game and offer up my own idea on how to make Carmella seize the moment, but with a twist in the same night.

This year on June 17th, WWE is shifting back to a dual-hosted Money in the Bank (MITB) pay-per-view. Presumably since both the men and women are now participating in the namesake gimmick match, I’m going to guess we will get four, yes FOUR of them. Maybe two with 3 Raw and 3 Smackdown superstars each, but either works here and we will be guaranteed at least two. With that, the number of other matches on the card will be between two and four, most likely championship matches. However, for my purposes, I’m going with four MITB matches. So let’s jump in our DeLorean and fast forwards a few months to June.

For this to really work, I need Carmella to still have the case and a heel to win the Money in the Bank ladder match. To open the night, during the kickoff show, Daniel Bryan will inform Carmella that she has to use her briefcase before the next Smackdown women compete over it that night. We start the actual event card with Charlotte Flair still a face and still the champion successfully defending her title against Tamina. After a close win, Tamina attacks Charlotte leaving her out cold in the ring. Carmella, smelling blood in the water, runs down and finally takes her shot. Charlotte is able to put up a fight, doing significant damage to Carmella’s leg in the process, even getting a Figure Eight leg lock in before Carmella sneaks in the win. A new woman is champion.

Later that night, Becky Lynch, Natalya, Naomi, Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan fight to be the new “Ms. Money in the Bank.” When the match starts, the Riott Squad go after the three elder stateswomen of the show. As they pick apart Becky and Naomi, Natalya flees the scene with nary a scratch. The five women battle up the ramp to the stage area so Riott’s team can destroy the two babyface women, all the while with the crowd assuming Ruby would score the victory once their work was done. As the action in the stage area is in full-swing, we cut suddenly back to the ring as the crowd pops because something is going on. The camera finds Natalya already half way up the ladder. She unclips the briefcase as the Riott Squad stands in shock unable to stop her. While they walk away licking their wounds, pointing, and promising Nattie that she’ll get hers, Carmella’s music hits. She comes down to the ring to flaunt her new-found success in Natalya’s face, forgetting one thing: she took more damage than Nat did.

As Carmella raises her title, Natalya hits her with the briefcase. Nattie hands the case to a referee, still standing by after declaring her the ladder match victor. She informs him that she’s cashing in her championship opportunity. As he hands the case to the time keeper and informs the ring announcer what is going on, Nattie puts Carmella in the Sharp-shooter. The announcer finishes telling everyone what’s going on just in time for Carmella to tap out, crowning the second new Smackdown Women’s Champion in one night.

Hey, it could happen.

Daniel Ballard

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