Horse Died After Hours Of Alleged Torture

Source: Pet Rescue Report

A disturbing video, showing a horse on the ground, hog-tied and bleeding, is being widely shared on social media and those viewing what appears to be outright abuse, are outraged. According to AG Daily, the local authorities were called out to visit the Wyoming outfitter after being alerted to a potential animal cruelty situation.

On August 8, deputies with the Teton County Sheriff’s Office paid a visit to Forest Stearns, the man who tied the horse down. The responding deputies determined that the hog-tied horse was apparently not in danger and they left…however, the horse died the same night.

Now, the authorities are investigating Stearns for animal cruelty. He claims that he had the horse tied down because he was attempting to shoe it, and the horse had been kicking.

The horse’s body has been sent away for a necropsy – apparently, Stearns has admitted that the horse died after suffering a heart attack. According to the Jackson Hole News & Guide, Stearns has an extensive criminal history, including arrests for battery, domestic violence and DUI.

The situation is being investigated to see if charges are warranted – even if they are, they are reported to be simple misdemeanors in Wyoming.

Video taken by Mary Wendell Lampton.

Click here to watch the video – warning, it is disturbing to watch.

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Penny Eims

Penny Eims

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