Hindus Are Burned In Pasupatinath. Here’s why?


After you come out from the international airport of Nepal. The first cultural heritage site you will be able to notice will be Pasupatinath. With the heavy smoke and many temples near a river, it will definitely gives you a curiosity to know more about it.


Pasupatinath is one of the sacred Hindu temple and believed to be built dating back 400 B.C. Every year thousands of followers come to get an auspicious sight of Shiva Linga situated in the main temple and to be blessed from it. Non- Hindu are not allowed to visit inside the main temple, even if they have paid entry charge of Rs 1,000 but exploring more than 500 small temple and monument outside of the main temple will worth the fee you paid.


Pasupatinath is the temple for Shiva. He is popularly known as destroyer, but destroying for good. Even a small child will know many things about Shiva, but till now nobody has got an answer about his parents. None of the Hindu mythology talk about Shiva’s parents.

Followers of Shiva in Pasupatinath


The main reason, Hindu people are burned in Pasupatinath is because Shiva is believed to be the start and the end of everything. In Kathmandu Pasupatinath is supposed as the main Hindu temple and being burned here will be blessed for the afterlife. Nowadays some Hindu people also believe Shiva is a black hole in the galaxy where every thing get destroyed and starts a new creation.


Hindus believe in the soul being indestructible; and that death symbolises end of the existence of a person’s physical being, but the start of a new journey for the soul. This soul then reincarnates in some other life form, and passes through the same cycle of taking birth, growing and eventually meeting death- only to begin the cycle afresh. Cremation of a person’s dead body is therefore, supposed to rid the departed soul of any attachments to the body it previously resided in.


This is a known fact, Hinduism have three main gods and in total 33 million gods and goddess. Shiva the destroyer, Vishnu the preserver and Brahma  the creator. Shiva is also known as gods of god and he is everywhere we can imagine.


Some interesting fact known about Shiva.

  • Shiva wears snake around his neck and it’s a symbol that he controls death and fear
  • He is known as the first yogi
  • He created 112 forms of meditation to get enlightenment
  • He is the first person to carry long dreads hairs
  • Known for smoking weeds.

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