The Future Just Keeps Getting Brighter in WWE

Chris Surrency

One of the most consistent complaints on the internet these days, aside from bickering about political points with no attempt to hear the other side, is about the booking that happens in WWE. Wrestling fans are an odd bunch, but the one thing that you can always count in is that you’ll never please the entire audience. You could go through and make Finn Balor Universal Champion, Roman Reigns a heel, and make Zayn and Owens the focal points of every Smackdown, you’ll still get people complaining. “What about Joe ” or “Push Nakamura,” “You’re wasting Braun,” and “For the love of God when are you going to put the title on Miz?” Honestly, there is so much talent on the WWE roster right now that you just can’t book everyone to the level they may deserve, and as a result it royally pisses off a large chunk of the fan base. The other awkward phenomena is when they let someone have a seemingly random gimmick that should fall flat on it’s face and the worker has so much talent they get it over. Now you have to weigh if it’s a fad or if you should give them the push they’ve earned. Honestly, on paper The New Day shouldn’t have worked, but the talent and charisma of Woods, Kofi, and Big E couldn’t be denied, and we could be seeing it again with Breezango. Sometimes you just happen upon awesomeness.

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After Survivor Series the standard setup remained, Smackdown is the “B show” by virtue of Raw essentially being the show that really grew WWE into the massive monster they are today. So, on Raw we saw Paige return with two NXT female workers at her side in Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Then on Smackdown we saw a group debut that featured Ruby Riot leading Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. This normally wouldn’t be such a big deal, outside of the whole “black haired alternative” look leading a brunette and a blonde in the new factions. A little odd for them to literally offer up the exact same groups in appearance, but overall it does give the Women’s Division another little spark, bringing more of a spotlight to the women than we’ve seen at times lately. While the Women’s Revolution started strong they’ve stalled a bit lately and seemed to become filler again. The return of Paige was a welcome addition, and moving veterans like Ruby Riot and Sarah Logan up makes the roster of each show even better than before. The rumors have a Women’s Royal Rumble in the works, so these new debuts make a bit of sense in the grand scheme of things. It should be interesting to see how it all goes down in the next couple months.

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Tuesday we also saw a huge return that I’ve been dying for lately, as have many others, the reunion of Harper and Rowan to create the Bludgeon Brothers. These two monsters have been mismanaged beyond belief, as has their former leader. Harper could be one of the top workers on Smackdown, and Rowan is a very believable monster, yet somehow they were just looked over in the grand scheme of WWE booking. I wrote an entire thing here just over a month ago hoping that WWE would bring Harper and Rowan back together and make them the dominant team they should have been originally. Then came the vignettes for the Bludgeon Brothers, and while I was hesitant to accept the name and overall theme of the characters, I’ve been hopeful and looking forward to the return. When they came out Tuesday I was hooked to the screen, on the surface the gimmick SHOULD fail, but with the right people in the roles the character can take off and become untouchable. This is an obvious situation where the right workers have been set loose with the right roles. Just like The Undertaker back in 1990, you have an opportunity that COULD be great, but if it’s entrusted to the wrong person it’ll be dead in the water. Harper and Rowan are perfect for this, and their return match was everything I hoped for them. The Bludgeon Brothers have arrived and the Smackdown roster has been put on notice. Hell has come calling.

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Typically WWE fans look at the post WrestleMania shows for excitement and a new direction, but this year they’ve taken the extra step of making the Big 4 feel more special all around, and the shows following them as well. There is a ton of hype going around now about the NXT roster after War Games and questions on who does what next. Possible injury or not, it seems Drew McIntyre is going back to the main roster shortly, but the question is do they also elevate a group like Sanity, or maybe the Authors of Pain? Do they finally pull the trigger and set Aleister Black loose on the main roster, or wait until the Rumble or Mania for that debut? How long before the suddenly white hot Velveteen Dream is moved up, and in doing so does he get Ascensioned into obscurity immediately? The current roster is amazing, and the next level coming up is honestly off the charts good. People have made comments here and there about the current WWE roster in total on a talent level versus any time in the past. I honestly feel there’s no comparison, the current crop from the main event scene on the main roster to the newest newbies at the Performance Center, WWE is running with the most gifted roster ever assembled in one organization. Nothing against ROH or New Japan, but the “Wal-Mart of Wrestling” actually has it all right now, and the future is looking brighter by the day.

Chris Surrency

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