Delta Rae: Underhanded Musical Genius'

In an era dominated by mainstream musical powerhouses, sometimes finding a niche in the music industry can be difficult. While it is not impossible, it is usually finding the right genre of music which can be a task. Then my Sister introduced me to American Folk Rock band Delta Rae.

A few weeks ago, my Sister introduced me to Delta Rae. Fair to say, I have not stopped listening to them ever since. The first song I listened to was “Bottom of River” and my word I was blown away. Lead singer Elizabeth Hopkins possesses an incredible voice, as it is showcased in this song. Her vocals are beyond extraordinary and the power in her voice is very unlike any other. Seriously, check it out: “Bottom of the River” By Delta Rae.

The one element that truly drew me to Delta Rae was in-fact Elizabeth Hopkins’ voice. Hopkins’ voice reminded of Alannah Myles, possessing a very unique vocal power which can be a rare commodity. I also checked out Delta Rae’s live performances, watching Hopkins live would be a truly unforgettable experience, should I have ever get the opportunity.

I am also someone who appreciates narratives in music, a song that tells a story is something I can be drawn to. For me Delta Rae and Elizabeth Hopkins tell a story like no other. The narratives in their music can create a setting with a story, it is almost as telling as Art.

Delta Rae have caught my eye and are now on loop in my ears. I would highly recommend you check their stuff out. Here’s to hoping Delta Rae tour the United Kingdom in the near future!

Aaron Patel

Journalism Student, Writer, Radio Presenter, Blogger & Gamer. Overall Aaron is a really swell guy!
  • bethel95

    Congratulations on your new enthusiasm for DR. Just a few points to bring you up to speed:

    DR has four singers–Liz Hopkins (as you know), and the Holljes siblings Iain, Eric, and Brittany. It is actually Brittany Holljes’ voice you’re hearing on Bottom of the River. You’ll find Liz featured on If I Loved You, Chasing Twisters, and their newest single A Long and Happy Life. If you go to the DR Youtube channel, you’ll find their official videos for a number of songs featuring the Iain and Eric, as well as others with Liz and Brittany. Since you liked BOTR, you may also want to check out Brittany on I Will Never Die and Bethlehem Steel.


  • bethel95

    Also, in addition to DR info at and the DR Facebook page, I highly recommend the UnOfficial Delta Rae Street Team page on Facebook for finding out more about the band.