Childhood Games Being Rereleased!

Childhood games come back into my life… it’s been some odd couple years since I last picked up a Game Boy to actually play a game on. My childhood was spent playing with my little blue Game Boy playing games such as: Kim Possible, Nintendogs, Arcade of Games, Super Mario, Galaga and of course, Pokémon. I had multiple Pokémon games, such as Yellow, Red, Crystal and Leaf Green.

It took me a long time to finish any one game – my definition of ‘finishing the game’ consisted of beating the league and completing the pokédex. I could always beat the league, but could never finish my pokédex. Even when my Typhlosion or Pikachu hit level 100, my pokédex was never finished. I can now never finish any of those started pokédex’s since all of these game cartridges are now corrupted.

But recently, I got a Nintendo 2DS, a little late to the game of DS’s though. I purchased my first game which was Pokémon Silver, since Pokémon Crystal wasn’t being released yet and I wanted to buy something. Playing this game again has me relieving my childhood and I enjoy playing when I have spare time, by spare time I mean the time I usually spend procrastinating my school work or the breaks in between studying material. I’ve gotten a decent way through the game by now, in regards to making it to the league, not the pokédex since the start of the year.

Pokémon Crystal just got released last month and I am also super excited to purchase this game. Even though I already have Silver, Crystal gives me the chance to pick another starter – different or the same, as well as another legendary Pokémon to catch. This rerelease of Crystal also features another legendary Pokémon for a limited time if you purchase the game. This gives me a chance to pick a new team as well.

Both of these games can also be connected to the Pokébank – something I just learned about – which allows you to transfer Pokémon to newer games. So technically… I could have a full party of starter Pokémon.

These games, aren’t physical copies as I was used to with the Game Boy, which may even be better. They don’t take up physical space, as they are downloaded to the DS. Which now, I won’t be able to actually lose my games and find them months later like I did with Leaf Green – still can’t find that game, and I can never lose them unless I lose the DS.

All the older electronic Pokémon games in the Nintendo e-shop aren’t too expensive either, mostly under $20. The newer games are more expensive…

All this being said – I am really excited to purchase all my childhood Pokémon games and relive my childhood once again! Maybe even buy some of the newer Pokémon games and start learning some of these new Pokémon and characters.

The link for the Crystal version is below if anyone is interested in checking it out.

Haley Peterson

Originally from Brockville, Ontario, Canada. I moved to Toronto to pursue a career in Human Resources Management at Humber College and currently in my 4th year. I enjoy writing and reading, mainly mysteries and thrillers. Walking and plants are relaxation.