BUMSEX Appears On Gay Balot


Australia is holding a vote on deciding whether the government should be looking at introducing a legal gay marriage to the country. As part of this process, a process that does not guarantee a vote, Australians around the country have been mailed vote ballots forms to be forwarded to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. These will be counted and the government may look at talking about this issue based on this mandatory vote.

What makes this an important issue is that in the past, the Australian government added in a clause to the marriage act that specified that marriage could only be created amongst a man and a woman. This was only a recent change, with it happening in the 1990’s. Fortunately this vote could hope to undo that damage and allow an amendment allowing people of the same gender to marry.

It seems though, that the god of Random Number Generation, RNGesus, has blessed the ballots himself. The markings on the barcode on many Australian’s forms can be read as BUMSEX. Clearly, RNGesus isn’t so anal about letting the gays get married.




Benjamin Webb

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  • Dee Warner

    My gut reaction is that the law of probability says that this would be unlikely to be random.As much as it raised a very fleeting smirk, actually if it’s not a one off, then this is an example of how big the bigotry problem may be. It’s not a great poster ad for Australia sadly. 🙁

  • Joseph Paul John McCarthy

    John Howard actually changed the definition of marriage in 2004. After the ’90’s. But I love RNGesus hahaha