Billy Graham; The Shooting Star.

Billy Graham; The Shooting Star.

Remember Billy Graham
Remember God’s Ambassador
Remember the man in the face of history

He speaks fire to burn the shackles of souls
He speaks water to quench the tribulation of many
He speaks authority in the face of dragons

What a man!
What a god!
What an Oracle!

He’s the shinning star in the heart of man
He’s the full moon behind the souls of many
He’s the revelation to many destiny

Billy Graham!




The world will never forget such Oracle.

David Lein Victor

David Lein Victor was born in Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria. He has always been a dreamer, making up stories in his head since he was a little boy, so he sought to ink down all his creative thoughts and share them with the world. He is a young man with a vision of bringing a positive change to the world through writing and creative thinking. His poem “Hatred and backbiting” have been featured in Evergreen Poetry journal, “Life could be a tragedy” was selected and published by the International Poetry as one of ‘The Top-100 Poems of 2017’. His writings have also appeared on Tushstories, and other Magazines and blogs. You can find Davidlein on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@davidleinwrites). He believes in love, unity, peace, oneness and altruism.